Monday, March 30, 2015

Just 2 country Girls in the big city!

Transfer Day happened…and I saw some great missionary friends. I love seeing past Sister’s and Elder’s I have worked with! I saw Sister Lindquist again…she is so pretty! I had crazy hair day. Driving far the night before and then hardly any sleep and sharing a bathroom with lots of Sisters equals = bad hair day! Oh well….

I have finally found a companion that will let me listen to my gospel country music!! Alleluia! It is so much fun! The other night we were driving near downtown Toronto to go to the Women’s Conference and we were just singing along to some country hymns! It was the best thing ever! So you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl! 
Sister Julian is amazing!! I love her sooo much! She is from Enoch, UT! So she actually knows my cousin Mitchell.. how cool is that?! So cool right?! She is wonderful in every way. I get so blessed with companions. I always get the bestest ones!  She also cuts hair!! Finally, I can have a good haircut for cheap on my mission! Miracles do happen people! 

Her and I have been having lots of fun! Right now we are just trying to find the Lords prepared. We have been out talking to people for days!! It is the best! She is really good at contacting even though she says she isn’t. I have been able to learn a lot from her. She is also helping me learn how to tract again! We did a good amount of knocking on doors last night. People are REALLY nice, but then turn around and get mean.. It’s weird. But it’s not even affecting me anymore. I am just happy I get to share the gospel! Especially during this Easter season. (by the way check out She and I are working really hard. We haven’t seen too much success yet, but if we keep to it I know we will!! :D

So in this area we teach ESL (English as a second language) it is super fun. I have never done it before! But for some reason the zone leaders thought I should be put in charge of it.. So I am learning as I go. I am the Building Manager. So it is kinda like the district leader over all the companionships that work with that ESL. Every Saturday morning I have to prepare a training to get them all excited about ESL and to have this be effective. My first one was different.. but it was good! We set some good goals, set expectations and they all helped me to figure out what ESL is all about. So wish me luck and that I can get this ESL moving!! 

SO I only took pictures on our cell phone this week... and I don’t know how to get them off... So awkward. But I will get you pictures next week!! Cause I found a street called Clarissa Drive. It’s so sweet!! So… be waiting!! 

I love you soooo much! Stay safe and pray for all the investigators all over the world okay?! 

-Sister Gillins 

Downtown Toronto

Elder Ellis and Sister Lindquist

My new Companion and Friend
Sister Julian

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