Monday, March 9, 2015


This week started off GREAT! We were able to visit with our referral we got from She is amazing!! :D She already knows a ton about our church so it is so much fun to meet with her! We are also teaching her fiancĂ© as well. They are such a fun and cute couple! They have these cute cats! They rescued one of them and it doesn't have any teeth and it’s really scared of everything. But it LOVES me!! :) It usually doesn't come out when people come over but it came out and just sat on my lap!! And our second lesson it was all over Sister Leeson and I! :) I said it’s cause it can feel the Spirit! :D If I could I would probably take it home. But other than the wonderful cats!!! They are awesome!! We were able to teach them about the Plan of Salvation!! It was a really cool lesson. We taught it very simply out of the pamphlet and helped them understand it. At the end they were able to open up and ask us lots of questions. They said they would pray every night together and ask if what we have taught is true and if the Book of Mormon is true! How cool is that?! And they came up with that on their own!! :) So we are really excited for them to keep progressing in the gospel! :) And plus they gave us some honey!! :) Her fiancĂ© owns a bee hive place and makes honey and I told them how cool that was! So when we saw them again they had wrapped up honey for us! :) Oh man they are my favorite!
Tuesday was such a spiritual day for me!! I was on a spiritual high! I felt like the Spirit was guiding me in everything we did that day! In each lesson we gave, the room was just full of the spirit and I had felt like it was Gods words coming out of my mouth instead of my own. That is something I have been praying really hard for. I want to be a better instrument in the hands of the Lord and on Tuesday I was able to just give up what I wanted the lesson to be like and let God use me. :) I am so grateful for all the things I am learning out here on my mission and that I get to be a servant of my Heavenly Father. The work moves along much easier as we let God run the show.
This week we also dropped by some formers! Crazy!! They were trying to convince us of all this stuff.. It was weird. They were trying to tell us that what we were doing is right, but then also telling us that we were wrong.. I was just so confused. The only thing Sister Leeson and I could do was just shake our heads and at the end bear our testimonies and say a prayer. I was actually somewhat frustrated when we came out of the lesson. But Sister Leeson was in such great spirits!! I am so grateful for her!! She wanted to keep talking to people, and that really helped me cause I was just not in the mood. Later that night we met some nice people. They weren't interested but very nice and that helped change my mood.
Oh!! Stephanie had more baby bunnies!! 11 of them!! They are so cute and hairless!! So prepare for more bunny pictures!! :)
We also went on exchanges this week. I went to Oshawa with Sister Anderson! We had such a wonderful time! We walked a lot. Not too many people were out which was sad.. but it felt nice to walk around and not be trapped in a car. We were able to find a wonderful less-active sister and hopefully she will be coming back to church soon!!

I hope you all have a good week and that the Lord is with you!!

Sister Gillins

Sister Leeson and I had a fun Mustache Monday
I love mustaches...I feel like I could totally pull one off ;) 

We also got creative with our food supply and made ham fried rice!!
 It wasn't too bad if I say so myself!! :D 

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