Monday, February 23, 2015


Happy Chinese new year everyone!! :) I decided I like Chinese New Year better than our normal one. :) Cause you know how much chocolate I got for my birthday and Christmas? A LOT! So like, how am I supposed to meet my goal of being healthy? I can’t!! But Chinese new years is later... when I already ate all of my chocolate. So now is the time for me to start!! :) 
But Winnie and Monica had us over for the New Year and made us some yummy Chinese food! and some different kind of stuff.. ;) I had veggie chicken... I didn’t like that too much... I think it was just the thought of it. And I had a preserved duck egg. It was black and gross. Not really gross, again more of the mind thing. But everything else I had was super yummy!! :) And I wore red for good luck! 
Stephanie our friend that is teaching me how to survive when natural disasters happen gave us cat-tails to eat. NOT LIKE THE ANIMAL THOUGH! It was the plant! Who knew you could eat them!! You boil them up, salt and butter it and eat it like corn and the cob! It kinda tastes like artichoke! :) So we had some pretty fun things to eat this week! :) 

We were able to visit our 72 year old investigator this week as well. He has had a pretty cool life! He is really smart too! He has like 5 computers at his home! And he uses them all for work.. He’s awesome! Now we just need to be able to fit in a lesson somewhere while we are talking. I am able to throw out a principle here and there but then the conversation goes a different way... But that is what keeps missionary work fun right? 

It has still been stinking cold. No one really wants to talk when it’s cold. But we keep on tracting! :) It has been really fun. I think my favorite is when it snows cause that means that is only about -5 instead of -20 and more people are willing to keep their doors open for longer :) We had a fun day contacting yesterday. I had so much energy! I was almost running up to people wanting to share the gospel. I wish everyone could know. I wish it could be like the old times where I could stand on a soap box and just share the gospel. Maybe I will try that once it gets a little warmer. But for now I will just keep offering to shovel drive ways. 

OH! There is this apartment by the University that has this cut out in the window and I have been dyeing to knock on the door! So yesterday I did. I asked for permission to take a picture with it! No worries, I am being legal and polite! ;) But I think an ex-Mormon lives/lived there.. Idk how they got the cut out. I’ll probably go back and ask for the story when we have a member so we can actually go inside! But how funny is that?
(PS... the cut out is a guy from some Mormon movies) 

And look at my picture…, my new friend "Bear Witness" (haha funny ;D) and I match!! I love matching!! 

Love you all!! Stay warm, or cool... I guess it depends where you are! 

-Sister Gillins 

My "Bear Witness"

How did he get there?
Preserved Duck Egg....(not my favorite...yikes)

eating my survival food....CAT TAIL PLANTS...
kinda tasty....

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Gift of Tongues

So, I got to use my Spanish skills this week! Which is about 1% of what it used to be... which is sad cause I was already really bad before. But all worked out well!! :) We were given a referral of a woman that only speaks Spanish and French. Very little English. But I was able to use a little Spanish to get the point across! And she said she understood my English a lot better than Canadian English! woot woot! ;) It was really cool though. She is such a sweet lady and has a young daughter. She is looking for a church family and I feel like this will be the place for her! :) She was able to come to church this Sunday! It was a little boring for her I think because she didn’t know what anyone was saying... but we have some awesome members that can speak some French who talked to her and set up a play date for their children! The members here are so awesome and do so well in fellowshipping! I love it here!

Oh! The reason I am emailing on Tuesday instead of Monday is cause of family day!! They have a day set aside just for families! So that was really fun to use while tracting.  Except no one let us in... It was like -35 with windchill! Every time some one would open their door my glasses would fog up! So I had to take them off while I was talking to them! One person did let us in though! We were in the home for about 45 seconds until his wife said, "He is just being nice we aren’t interested, leave" well... the warmth was nice while it lasted :) 

We stopped by a potential investigator last night! He is 72 and the cutest old man ever! He got a Book of Mormon while he lived in Poland and says that there is evidence that it is true! :) So we are already off to a good start! I can’t wait to start teaching him! 

Oh ya! So right now Tim Horton’s is having a roll up the rim thing... idk what it really is. But you roll up the rim of your hot chocolate and you may win something!! I won a donut!! Now I never win anything so I am really excited about it! Plus free food!! :) yay me!! 

I love you all!! 
-Sister Gillins 

It's cold out here! -30 today!

I won a free donut! yay me!

Monday, February 9, 2015


This week was AMAZING! So many fun and amazing things have happened this week! :) 

First, it has been snowy! Really snowy! And I love it! It is giving me a pretty good work out walking in the snow! It’s not good packing snow though.. so no snowballs :( But it is a lot of fun to play in! We were early to district meeting this week and there was a huge pile of snow over in the corner of the church parking lot. So I climbed it :) All the way to the tippy top! Then Elders came and we all climbed to the top. Some spots weren’t to stable though. It was like quick sand! If you stepped one step out of line you would sink right in! Haha it was a blast! The elders were to lazy to climb back down so they decided to slide down on the backs and bellies and man were they soaked! Sister Leeson and I didn’t really have that choice because of our skirts.. #SisterMissionaryProblems. But all in all it was good fun! :) 

Then we got to take a ride on a ferry to Wolf Island to have dinner with the Branch President. The ferry is the only way to get to the island, and man was it fun! I probably took billions of pictures and videos. Everyone who goes on it everyday probably thought I was crazy but I was having the time of my life! How cool is it to be in your car and on a boat at the same time?! Super cool! :) The water was frozen so they cleared a path so that the ferry could make it across the lake. It reminded me of the Titanic cause it was so cold and if you fell in the water you would probably die!! Burr!! 

We also did some service this week and learned a new sport in the process... its called throwing snow balls at icicles so they don’t fall and kill someone! We spent a good half hour helping people on the street do that! :) And they were so grateful! They said we can come back in a few days when they form again and help out some more ;) Oh the joys of winter!! 
Also there is a new work out called trying to get frozen rain off of everyone’s car!! During church on Sunday there was frozen rain! So we were all out scraping cars for about an hour! The elders were silly and didn’t put on there winter gear.. There ears started to get white!! D: FROST BITE! So dangerous! They wouldn’t listen to us and get in the car.. but they sure did listen to Sister Whitehead! :) I love her so much!! I think she probably saved their ears! 
Don’t worry everyone I am staying very warm!! I layer up like its no ones business! 

Yifan also got baptized on Sunday!! Woot woot! It was an amazing baptism though. We are trying to make the baptismal service shorter and I love doing that. I feel like it makes the baptism more about the person and less about the speakers and the spirit is so much stronger! He was so excited for his baptism the whole time during church! He always laughs at me cause I give a billion high-fives but he humored me yesterday and just kept giving them to me! After he was baptized he had the opportunity to bear his testimony and it was amazing! He still remembers the day we met him. It was the day it was -30 out and he thought we were just asking him for directions.. turns out we were giving him some ;) It has only been a short month since then and he has loved the changes he has made. He loves the church and he loves that everyone tries to remember his name even when they pronounce it wrong (you pronounce it as E-fine) He was able to bear such a strong testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel! He is going to be such a strong member when he returns to China! He will definately help build up the church there :) 

Miracles do happen when we do talk to everyone. God puts people in our paths for reasons. I am so grateful that I took the opportunity to stop and talk with everyone that very cold windy day or we would have never met Yifan. Pray with faith and God will answer. I know that this gospel brings happiness and that our Heavenly Father loves us!! 

Sister Gillins 

he is amazing

I climbed the mountain of snow

Ferry ride to Wolf Island....
so much fun!

Monday, February 2, 2015


I changed my mind about the animals... A recent-convert in the branch let me hold one of their baby rats while we gave a lesson. Well... in the middle of the lesson the thing tinkled and pooped on me! :( So gross.. But you know what.. It’s alright cause it didn’t faze anyone! Everyone kept going on like normal like nothing happened… after I cleaned myself off and the lesson went very well!! :) But I’m never holding an animal for an entire lesson again! 

So this week I wore my hair “natural” and someone asked me if I had ever read Harry Potter before… and I said "No, but I have seen the movies!!" And they said I would make a great Hermione.. thanks.. and he wasn’t talking about the cute one in the movie..he was talking about the big haired one in the book!! but its okay, they are all just jealous! (Man I love humidity... NOT!)

We had a dinner appointment fall through this week.. so I asked Sister Leeson where we should go to eat for dinner and we both decided on a Chinese buffet!! :) Yummy!! it was so good. we ate till we couldn’t eat any more! and I had Sister Leeson try her first piece of sushi! She liked it :) I feel successful now! 

This week everyone also humored me. :) If you don’t know by now..I will tell you a secret… I love to match and be twins with people and… everyone let me this week! :) Sister Leeson let me even curl her hair so we could be real twins! Then Winnie wanted to match us too so we all matched on Sunday as well! :) But this time I had to straighten my hair to be like the rest of them! We looked so cute. Everyone was like did you mean to match? And we exclaimed,” we sure did!” :) Yifan even matched! Not on purpose though! We asked him how he knew to wear what he did and he said "the spirit told me ;)" haha he is catching on fast! :) 

He is awesome though! In Sunday school our teacher asked us what was similar between all of our converts and we talked about how they are all prepared. At the end of the lesson Yifan was like, "I didn’t know I was prepared! I don’t feel prepared!" he is so awesome and so prepared! If all pans out he will be getting baptized this Sunday! :) 

Something I noticed about winter is that people don’t like to stop to talk to you.. or open their doors all the way.. I don’t blame them! It’s usually around -15 c outside each day. But Yifan is one of the only people who really stopped to talk to us! That’s another reason why he is awesome! But I keep praying that we will find more like him! :) 

Transfers are this Sunday!! Wish us luck! 

Love you all,

Sister Gillins 


Hermione HARRY POTTER Hair

The Tragically Hip Way
 Temperatures below freezing
 and a wind chill of deathly!