Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Gift of Tongues

So, I got to use my Spanish skills this week! Which is about 1% of what it used to be... which is sad cause I was already really bad before. But all worked out well!! :) We were given a referral of a woman that only speaks Spanish and French. Very little English. But I was able to use a little Spanish to get the point across! And she said she understood my English a lot better than Canadian English! woot woot! ;) It was really cool though. She is such a sweet lady and has a young daughter. She is looking for a church family and I feel like this will be the place for her! :) She was able to come to church this Sunday! It was a little boring for her I think because she didn’t know what anyone was saying... but we have some awesome members that can speak some French who talked to her and set up a play date for their children! The members here are so awesome and do so well in fellowshipping! I love it here!

Oh! The reason I am emailing on Tuesday instead of Monday is cause of family day!! They have a day set aside just for families! So that was really fun to use while tracting.  Except no one let us in... It was like -35 with windchill! Every time some one would open their door my glasses would fog up! So I had to take them off while I was talking to them! One person did let us in though! We were in the home for about 45 seconds until his wife said, "He is just being nice we aren’t interested, leave" well... the warmth was nice while it lasted :) 

We stopped by a potential investigator last night! He is 72 and the cutest old man ever! He got a Book of Mormon while he lived in Poland and says that there is evidence that it is true! :) So we are already off to a good start! I can’t wait to start teaching him! 

Oh ya! So right now Tim Horton’s is having a roll up the rim thing... idk what it really is. But you roll up the rim of your hot chocolate and you may win something!! I won a donut!! Now I never win anything so I am really excited about it! Plus free food!! :) yay me!! 

I love you all!! 
-Sister Gillins 

It's cold out here! -30 today!

I won a free donut! yay me!

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