Monday, April 27, 2015

What an Adventure!

This week was jam packed full of adventures!! I got to see downtown Toronto twice this week!! Once on purpose, the other one was just bad directions given to us.. So Monday we got to go downtown to the Royal Ontario Museum!!! Fancy fancy eh? We took the Subway down, now that was fun. Especially cause we had no idea where we were going. We just hopped on a train and prayed we were headed the right way! But no worries, we were!! There are some interesting characters on the subway, reminds me a lot of Trax in Utah. Just a little bit more packed and interesting…haha.

            The museum was tons of fun! Sister Julian and I just ran from floor to floor looking at everything! There was sooooo much to look at! Our favorite stuff were the things you could actually touch! and the Dinosaurs!!! :) Man!! I was also able to finally see a Moose in Canada! and a Wolf :) It was an awesome day! 
On the way back home, all the Elders took the subway back with us. This time it was really full! It was awesome how all the Elders were surrounding Sister Julian and I :) It was like they were our big brothers trying to protect us! :) I’m glad.

            Tuesday we got to have skills and interviews with President and Sister Clayton! They are so wonderful and fun! I love being able to have time to just talk and listen to them! And turns out I got to spend even more time with them this week. They let me and Sister Julian sleep over at their home the day I found out about daddies surgery! They are the best! The Spirit is sooo strong in the mission home. I know without a shadow of a doubt that they are so inspired and that the things they invite us to do come from the Lord! They also gave us ice cream! There favorite is dark chocolate! It made me think of my Grandpa Glover and his love for dark chocolate!

            Yesterday was stake conference. It was awesome! Sister Julian got the wrong church address so we ended up at a church building somewhere downtown! It was nuts!! But it was all okay, we got to go on a fun adventure and drive downtown and we still ended up being really early to the conference! So there was no problem there! Just maybe a waste of our Kilometers. I got to see a lot of my besties too! I got to see cute little Winnie from Kingston who will be in Toronto all summer! YAY! And Elder Ellis and Sister Herfort who came out with me. It was good to see old friends again!! :) 

            I was soooooooo excited for Kyle when I heard he got called to Georgia!! Sister Julian totally called it too! (I think she only guessed it cause she loves cowboys) (jk, she’s inspired) He will be the best missionary any of you have ever seen!! So watch out!! 

            This week has been a great week!! Lots of up and downs (with daddy having open heart surgery), but my testimony is growing like no other! I LOVE bearing it to people. I bear it with meaning. I want people to feel the Spirit just pounce on them while I am speaking! I don’t know if it is happening, but I hope it is. I know that this gospel is true with all my heart! I have no doubt about it. It is what gets us through the good and the bad. It’s what holds us together when everything else seems to be falling apart. Testimony is key to everything. Jesus Christ must be the foundation that we depend on! This week it seems as if the world around me is shaking, it’s moving and wanting me to fall with it, but as I keep my testimony on my Savior I know I will not and cannot fall!! 

-Sister Gillins 

Romans always looked sooo good,
even without a nose!! 

I am not a slothful servant!!
Sister Julian and I in front of a tomb!

And mommy... it's not a cat...
but can I bring home a raccoon?!

I finally got to see a moose,
 wolf and polar bear while in Canada! 


Our ride home with amazing Elders

Ok..look way back behind me...
The CN tower!! Trade mark of Toronto! :) 

Monday, April 20, 2015

I'm doing something Fun today!

Today will be a short email!! Sooooo sorry! I don’t have much time! We need to be in downtown Toronto at 1 and still have to go shopping!! 
Today we are going to the Royal Ontario Museum as a zone! Something fun!! I will take lots of pictures and send them next week!! 

This week has been amazing! A roller coaster, the best kind! The ones with up and downs and fast take offs and stuff like that!! :D It has been stressful but delightful in all sorts of ways! 
I think the stressful times makes the wonderful times even more wonderful! 
Yesterday we set 2 hours aside to just street contact. We talked to a total of 4 people... I was so tired by the end of it and so sad.. Then our appointment bombed us last minute.. even more sadness in my heart! We decided to drop by a less active in the area, but my heart just wasn’t in it.. I was just not having a good day. I was tired and sad and just wanted to take it easy the rest of the night. But I knew that was Satan. It took all my energy to walk up to the less actives door to have no answer... Sister Julian looked at me after and said.. "well now what?" I looked at her and said "Do what president has asked, let’s go contact 15 people around this area!!" It took all our energy to walk and talk to people, but as time went on …. we found people to talk to!  It seemed as if the burden we felt we were carrying was lifted! The Atonement works and I am so grateful for that!! 
As we follow the commandments the Lord will help us accomplish the things he has set before us. (1 Nephi 3:7) 

There is my short little bit for the week!! 
Ill make up for it next week!! 
I love you all soooooo much thank you for your help and love!! 

-Sister Gillins 

We were able to help
 with Joan's Birthday!
 Her Sisters live in Utah!

Monday, April 13, 2015


Today it is WARM! It is finally warm enough for me to be able to walk around with no leggings!! Yay! I am the happiest sister now! I don't even care if I am blinding people with my pasty white legs! I am just a happy camper! Cause this week has been crazy! We have had rain fall, to which I am grateful I went and bought a pair of rain boots the week prior. We also had  a ton of wind!! The day it was extremely windy we allowed the elders to borrow the car and we took the bus.. crazy day! I decided to wear my long coat so that it would hold down my skirt. :) It was wonderful to be able to walk around not caring if my skirt was going to fly up! I was able to just spread the gospel! And buses are super fun! I just wish I knew how to bus contact better and that more people would actually ride the buses we were on, but all is well. 

We were able to meet with a really sweet family this week! :) They have met with missionaries in the past, but are now allowing us over. There was actually a member in Boston who sent us to them. Man I will tell ya, the little 11 year old is so prepared! The missionaries who taught him in Boston must be sweet because that little guy knows a whole bunch! He really wants the Holy Ghost. And we were able to teach him about Him and how he can feel the Spirit. He was so excited and so cute! Now we just need to get his whole family just as excited! :D They are golden I tell ya! 

We have been hitting the pavement hard this week! Out talking to people and what not! I love it. We meet a lot of foreigners. Lots of people don't speak English. So I have been trying to learn little phrases in different languages to get them to kinda try to talk to me. But once I start saying something in their language they think I'm an expert at it and start talking fast in their language. Then I have to apologize and give them an ESL card and the number to the missionaries who can actually speak their language. But we have been able to meet some pretty sweet potentials for the language missionaries! I hope they find success with them! :) 

ESL has been fun! We are having a game with the Elders. We came up with some goals we want and have a point system. So when you accomplish one you get points! The companionship with the highest amount of points at the end of the transfer gets a $10 gift card to Tim Horton’s and the companionship with the lowest amount of points has to buy it for them. So we will see how it goes! We will probably be going to Timmies sometime soon ;) OH YA! We had a sweet ESL student come to church this Sunday! We learned about prophets in Sunday School and he loved it! He said that we will be seeing him next week at church! YES!! Miracles do happen! :) 

I hope you all are having a good week and may God be with you! :) 

Sister Gillins 

I found my way to Clarissa Drive!

A fun Indian Dinner with the Elders!

Monday, April 6, 2015


Man oh man! I loved this weekend!! Even though it snowed on Easter eve and on Easter.. It was still the bomb! 
The Easter bunny even came to our house and hid all the eggs we got! It was so much fun!! WE HAVE SO MUCH CANDY! That is what we have been eating all week.. candy. And now we have even more candy! It’s crazy! 
The Easter bunny also came and visited us as missionaries in the middle of conference! So we and the Elders went out to start our Glover Easter Egg Hunt! So 3 of the Elders are from Hong Kong, 1 is from the Philippines, 1 is from Micronesia and the rest of us are from good old Utah. But man did those Elders have a ball!! They reminded me of my baby cousins! :D It was fun to see everyone run around to find their eggs. We did the hunt as companionships to create more unity between companions... ;) They were so happy, they just ate their candy quietly during the last session of conference. And we were able to share it with the investigators who were able to come! 

Conference was amazing too! I am so happy that it was over this Easter weekend. It totally answered my questions. I feel like I have a renewed energy and I am ready to go out and proclaim the gospel and about eternal families! I can’t wait for the talks to come out so I can read them over and over again! They are living scriptures! It is so cool. I can’t wait to be able to read the priesthood session talks as well. 

This week we had 3 of our ESL students come watch a session of conference! They stayed the whole time!! They actually were able to pick up on the messages that were being given! It is amazing how the Spirit works! 

Sister Julian and I have been working soooo hard lately. We are trying so hard to find people. We go out and tract and street contact and do service.. it is fun. It is fun working really hard. But it was kinda a bummer because we have felt like we haven't had too much success. But then a miracle happened! A member from Boston called us and gave us a referral! He said they had taken the lessons when they were down visiting and are ready to be baptized! We were soooo happy!! They were expecting our call too when we called! We are excited to be able to go and visit them! :) 

I want to bear my testimony to you all that I know that my Redeemer lives. This Easter season has brought back all my memories of when I have gained a witness of that. The Savior has helped me more in my life than I can even count and He continues to help me. I am so grateful that I get to wear His name on my chest and proclaim His gospel every day. I am grateful to hear how others have seen the Savior in their lives. The Savior loves each and every one of us. We all have a different relationship with Him and that is because He suffered for each of us personally. Oh how grateful I am to have this knowledge. 

I love you all, 
Sister Gillins 

(thanks for the Eggs Grandma G.)

Sister Julian and I 
have the best time together...
it is like we have known each forever...
I think we have (: