Monday, April 13, 2015


Today it is WARM! It is finally warm enough for me to be able to walk around with no leggings!! Yay! I am the happiest sister now! I don't even care if I am blinding people with my pasty white legs! I am just a happy camper! Cause this week has been crazy! We have had rain fall, to which I am grateful I went and bought a pair of rain boots the week prior. We also had  a ton of wind!! The day it was extremely windy we allowed the elders to borrow the car and we took the bus.. crazy day! I decided to wear my long coat so that it would hold down my skirt. :) It was wonderful to be able to walk around not caring if my skirt was going to fly up! I was able to just spread the gospel! And buses are super fun! I just wish I knew how to bus contact better and that more people would actually ride the buses we were on, but all is well. 

We were able to meet with a really sweet family this week! :) They have met with missionaries in the past, but are now allowing us over. There was actually a member in Boston who sent us to them. Man I will tell ya, the little 11 year old is so prepared! The missionaries who taught him in Boston must be sweet because that little guy knows a whole bunch! He really wants the Holy Ghost. And we were able to teach him about Him and how he can feel the Spirit. He was so excited and so cute! Now we just need to get his whole family just as excited! :D They are golden I tell ya! 

We have been hitting the pavement hard this week! Out talking to people and what not! I love it. We meet a lot of foreigners. Lots of people don't speak English. So I have been trying to learn little phrases in different languages to get them to kinda try to talk to me. But once I start saying something in their language they think I'm an expert at it and start talking fast in their language. Then I have to apologize and give them an ESL card and the number to the missionaries who can actually speak their language. But we have been able to meet some pretty sweet potentials for the language missionaries! I hope they find success with them! :) 

ESL has been fun! We are having a game with the Elders. We came up with some goals we want and have a point system. So when you accomplish one you get points! The companionship with the highest amount of points at the end of the transfer gets a $10 gift card to Tim Horton’s and the companionship with the lowest amount of points has to buy it for them. So we will see how it goes! We will probably be going to Timmies sometime soon ;) OH YA! We had a sweet ESL student come to church this Sunday! We learned about prophets in Sunday School and he loved it! He said that we will be seeing him next week at church! YES!! Miracles do happen! :) 

I hope you all are having a good week and may God be with you! :) 

Sister Gillins 

I found my way to Clarissa Drive!

A fun Indian Dinner with the Elders!

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