Monday, April 27, 2015

What an Adventure!

This week was jam packed full of adventures!! I got to see downtown Toronto twice this week!! Once on purpose, the other one was just bad directions given to us.. So Monday we got to go downtown to the Royal Ontario Museum!!! Fancy fancy eh? We took the Subway down, now that was fun. Especially cause we had no idea where we were going. We just hopped on a train and prayed we were headed the right way! But no worries, we were!! There are some interesting characters on the subway, reminds me a lot of Trax in Utah. Just a little bit more packed and interesting…haha.

            The museum was tons of fun! Sister Julian and I just ran from floor to floor looking at everything! There was sooooo much to look at! Our favorite stuff were the things you could actually touch! and the Dinosaurs!!! :) Man!! I was also able to finally see a Moose in Canada! and a Wolf :) It was an awesome day! 
On the way back home, all the Elders took the subway back with us. This time it was really full! It was awesome how all the Elders were surrounding Sister Julian and I :) It was like they were our big brothers trying to protect us! :) I’m glad.

            Tuesday we got to have skills and interviews with President and Sister Clayton! They are so wonderful and fun! I love being able to have time to just talk and listen to them! And turns out I got to spend even more time with them this week. They let me and Sister Julian sleep over at their home the day I found out about daddies surgery! They are the best! The Spirit is sooo strong in the mission home. I know without a shadow of a doubt that they are so inspired and that the things they invite us to do come from the Lord! They also gave us ice cream! There favorite is dark chocolate! It made me think of my Grandpa Glover and his love for dark chocolate!

            Yesterday was stake conference. It was awesome! Sister Julian got the wrong church address so we ended up at a church building somewhere downtown! It was nuts!! But it was all okay, we got to go on a fun adventure and drive downtown and we still ended up being really early to the conference! So there was no problem there! Just maybe a waste of our Kilometers. I got to see a lot of my besties too! I got to see cute little Winnie from Kingston who will be in Toronto all summer! YAY! And Elder Ellis and Sister Herfort who came out with me. It was good to see old friends again!! :) 

            I was soooooooo excited for Kyle when I heard he got called to Georgia!! Sister Julian totally called it too! (I think she only guessed it cause she loves cowboys) (jk, she’s inspired) He will be the best missionary any of you have ever seen!! So watch out!! 

            This week has been a great week!! Lots of up and downs (with daddy having open heart surgery), but my testimony is growing like no other! I LOVE bearing it to people. I bear it with meaning. I want people to feel the Spirit just pounce on them while I am speaking! I don’t know if it is happening, but I hope it is. I know that this gospel is true with all my heart! I have no doubt about it. It is what gets us through the good and the bad. It’s what holds us together when everything else seems to be falling apart. Testimony is key to everything. Jesus Christ must be the foundation that we depend on! This week it seems as if the world around me is shaking, it’s moving and wanting me to fall with it, but as I keep my testimony on my Savior I know I will not and cannot fall!! 

-Sister Gillins 

Romans always looked sooo good,
even without a nose!! 

I am not a slothful servant!!
Sister Julian and I in front of a tomb!

And mommy... it's not a cat...
but can I bring home a raccoon?!

I finally got to see a moose,
 wolf and polar bear while in Canada! 


Our ride home with amazing Elders

Ok..look way back behind me...
The CN tower!! Trade mark of Toronto! :) 

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