Monday, May 4, 2015


I am sooo happy about Star Wars day! I am wearing my yoda socks!! Boo-Ya!! May the fourth be with you all ;) 

Sooooo transfer news! I knew you all thought this would be my last area.. me too, but surprise! They are sending me to the city!! Yay! I will be going to Etobicoke North. I am whitewashing again, so me and my comp have never been there before and it is a bus area!! yay the bus in the summer!! :D I will be sweaty and stinky and I'll be burnt to a crisp!! Oh ya!! Living the dream! My new companion will be Sister Robinson! I don’t know anything about her yet but she looks like the cutest little thing! She has only been out for 12 weeks!! So this will super fun!! :D 

We have seen some pretty cool miracles this week!! We had a former out of the blue just text us and say that she has stopped smoking and ready to learn more! So that was really awesome!! And a ton of ESL students came to church this week!! We were able to set up times to meet with them during the week to be able to teach them the gospel!! It has been a hard and rough transfer, but through hard work and patience we have seen miracles! It’s sad that our area is closing down though... but the Elders who will be covering this area will take good care of the new people we were able to find this week!! 

Not too many exciting things happened… I mean I am getting a little bit of a tan line but that’s all, having a good time breaking in some of my new shoes! It’s great!! This week we took the Elders bus passes to ride the bus and talk to more people. I am kinda scared at bus contacting, but it was good practice for what is coming up now!! :) 

Don’t have too much to say except for this very important tid bit… so, listen… the Lord looks after each of us. Sometimes I don’t understand why things happen the way they do but God does. He is looking after every little thing and is cheering us on from on high!! We just need to stop and listen sometimes. 

-Sister Gillins 

OH!! Happy Cinco de Mayo tomorrow!!!! 

I heard there is going to be a
Batman vs. Superman movie..
I don't know if I like that...
can't we all just get along?

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