Tuesday, May 19, 2015


So yesterday was Victoria day! Thats when we celebrate Queen Victoria. Like no stores or nothin was open yesterday. Thats why we have P-day today! But over the past few days there has been tons of fireworks!! It fun because we live at the top of our apartment building and we have these big windows, so right before we go to bed we just look out and watch the fireworks :) Its fun!! I cant wait till July 1st though! I am hoping there will be some pretty cool ones! 

So Sister Robison and I have been getting pretty crafty with our meals! We are sick of just sandwiches.. So we are making some fun stuff!! The other day we made some pretty sweet homemade stroganoff! We were lacking in a few ingredients.. but I was pretty proud of ourselves for how well it turned out!! We are also making some fun casseroles and pasta salads!! :D 

I don't really know what to say about this week .. Oh ya! I saw 2 red-headed Asians this week!! I don't remember if any of you remember how I was obsessed with finding a red-headed Asian.. but I finally did!! Dreams really do come true! 

So this week we found a sweet new investigator! We were out with one of our members from Kenya! She speaks Swahili!! So anyways.. our appointment bombed and we were standing in the lobby looking at our back up plans trying to figure out what to do.. then all the sudden a man walks by and starts to get in the elevator. Well he said something to our member in Swahili and then they just started talking!! He eventually allowed us to all come up to his apartment. We were able to teach him about the restoration! Then we committed him to read the Book of Mormon and to come to church!! He came to church this week and loved it!! :) The ward was really amazing at fellow shipping him and just being a friend! 
We also went and found 2 less active families this week!! We invited them out to church and they both came!! It was so fun to see the people you love come to partake of the sacrament and be edified by the spirit!! :D 

There is also this beautiful quote that I read this week!! 
"There is neither man or woman in this church who is not on a mission. That mission will last as long as they live, and it is to do good, to prompt righteousness, to teach the principles or truth, and to prevail upon themselves and everybody around them to live those principles that they may obtain eternal life." 

I am grateful for the work of many to help bring people to the gospel!! 
Sister Gillins

 The only ones on the bus!!
(Good thing the bus drivers love us)

Our yummy Stroganoff day!
Some funny and slightly yummy
 Canadian chips!! 

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