Monday, May 25, 2015

The Wonders of Buses!!

I love the buses!! I don’t know why I have been deprived of this opportunity my whole mission! But I am grateful to have it here at the end :D First of all, we had to run to catch the bus here this morning :) I love watching us run, we must look like weirdos!! Two girls in skirts and dresses running with about a 10 pound bag on our side.. OH it’s a joy :) 

Second of all, people are just so funny!! There are two different kinds of people on the buses.. There’s ones who will ignore you no matter how much of a conversation you will try to start and there are people who will just sit down and start telling you their whole life story whether or not you want to hear! I just sit and listen to those people and hear about their crazy hard lives.. And then I offer them a card and they think I’m crazy!! Like this one guy... oh so funny. He gets on and is on the phone and points at the seat next to me and sits down.. he has this long conversation to someone about how he loves her and how he doesn’t like the other girl anymore.. then after the phone call he tells me about the whole situation and how family is super important and that I need to remember that. (He has had a pretty crazy life) Well right before he got off I gave him a card and then he’s like oh boy!! You are one of those brain washed people.. I just smiled and said nope, but this will for sure bless your life. I love to hear about what people think about us as Mormons. It is nice to tell them that what they had heard was wrong and being able to teach them correctly. 

This week we had some fun food!! We got fed spaghetti a lot this week!! :D All super good. But we also got some yummy shwarma!! I love shwarma so much! We also had some yummy spicy rice from a family from Ghana! Next time we come over they said they will make us Fu-Fu! (I think that is how you spell it) So that is really exciting! 

On Saturday we were able to help this man we met on the street with some house work. We had a member come with us and it was really cool to see how much he appreciated what we were doing and how it helped him recognized us as servants of the Lord. As we helped we were able to talk about the gospel and we were able to testify how we are called of God. The spirit was very strong the whole time we were in his house helping him. We were able to make him a new investigator and he is excited to come to church with us next week!! It is fun using different finding ideas and seeing how well they work!! 

We also did service for another member! she was moving and she asked if we could grab some shelving for her from her old house... well we didn’t have a car so we had to take it on the bus with us!! Everyone thought we were lame.. but hey we were doing service!! 

But that is all for now! I love you all so much!! 
Sister Gillins

The key in this to laugh!

My companion is sooooo cute!

This is the bus stop we head to every morning...
We keep finding random things in our apartment...
like this wonderful
turtle neck sweater with leather lace up sleeves...IDK!

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  1. Clarissa,
    You are so awesome! What a great adventure you are having on busses. I love the stories, especially the one about taking the cabinets with you. What a great conversation piece! Keep smiling...yours is beautiful!
    Love, Martha