Monday, February 23, 2015


Happy Chinese new year everyone!! :) I decided I like Chinese New Year better than our normal one. :) Cause you know how much chocolate I got for my birthday and Christmas? A LOT! So like, how am I supposed to meet my goal of being healthy? I can’t!! But Chinese new years is later... when I already ate all of my chocolate. So now is the time for me to start!! :) 
But Winnie and Monica had us over for the New Year and made us some yummy Chinese food! and some different kind of stuff.. ;) I had veggie chicken... I didn’t like that too much... I think it was just the thought of it. And I had a preserved duck egg. It was black and gross. Not really gross, again more of the mind thing. But everything else I had was super yummy!! :) And I wore red for good luck! 
Stephanie our friend that is teaching me how to survive when natural disasters happen gave us cat-tails to eat. NOT LIKE THE ANIMAL THOUGH! It was the plant! Who knew you could eat them!! You boil them up, salt and butter it and eat it like corn and the cob! It kinda tastes like artichoke! :) So we had some pretty fun things to eat this week! :) 

We were able to visit our 72 year old investigator this week as well. He has had a pretty cool life! He is really smart too! He has like 5 computers at his home! And he uses them all for work.. He’s awesome! Now we just need to be able to fit in a lesson somewhere while we are talking. I am able to throw out a principle here and there but then the conversation goes a different way... But that is what keeps missionary work fun right? 

It has still been stinking cold. No one really wants to talk when it’s cold. But we keep on tracting! :) It has been really fun. I think my favorite is when it snows cause that means that is only about -5 instead of -20 and more people are willing to keep their doors open for longer :) We had a fun day contacting yesterday. I had so much energy! I was almost running up to people wanting to share the gospel. I wish everyone could know. I wish it could be like the old times where I could stand on a soap box and just share the gospel. Maybe I will try that once it gets a little warmer. But for now I will just keep offering to shovel drive ways. 

OH! There is this apartment by the University that has this cut out in the window and I have been dyeing to knock on the door! So yesterday I did. I asked for permission to take a picture with it! No worries, I am being legal and polite! ;) But I think an ex-Mormon lives/lived there.. Idk how they got the cut out. I’ll probably go back and ask for the story when we have a member so we can actually go inside! But how funny is that?
(PS... the cut out is a guy from some Mormon movies) 

And look at my picture…, my new friend "Bear Witness" (haha funny ;D) and I match!! I love matching!! 

Love you all!! Stay warm, or cool... I guess it depends where you are! 

-Sister Gillins 

My "Bear Witness"

How did he get there?
Preserved Duck Egg....(not my favorite...yikes)

eating my survival food....CAT TAIL PLANTS...
kinda tasty....

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