Monday, February 2, 2015


I changed my mind about the animals... A recent-convert in the branch let me hold one of their baby rats while we gave a lesson. Well... in the middle of the lesson the thing tinkled and pooped on me! :( So gross.. But you know what.. It’s alright cause it didn’t faze anyone! Everyone kept going on like normal like nothing happened… after I cleaned myself off and the lesson went very well!! :) But I’m never holding an animal for an entire lesson again! 

So this week I wore my hair “natural” and someone asked me if I had ever read Harry Potter before… and I said "No, but I have seen the movies!!" And they said I would make a great Hermione.. thanks.. and he wasn’t talking about the cute one in the movie..he was talking about the big haired one in the book!! but its okay, they are all just jealous! (Man I love humidity... NOT!)

We had a dinner appointment fall through this week.. so I asked Sister Leeson where we should go to eat for dinner and we both decided on a Chinese buffet!! :) Yummy!! it was so good. we ate till we couldn’t eat any more! and I had Sister Leeson try her first piece of sushi! She liked it :) I feel successful now! 

This week everyone also humored me. :) If you don’t know by now..I will tell you a secret… I love to match and be twins with people and… everyone let me this week! :) Sister Leeson let me even curl her hair so we could be real twins! Then Winnie wanted to match us too so we all matched on Sunday as well! :) But this time I had to straighten my hair to be like the rest of them! We looked so cute. Everyone was like did you mean to match? And we exclaimed,” we sure did!” :) Yifan even matched! Not on purpose though! We asked him how he knew to wear what he did and he said "the spirit told me ;)" haha he is catching on fast! :) 

He is awesome though! In Sunday school our teacher asked us what was similar between all of our converts and we talked about how they are all prepared. At the end of the lesson Yifan was like, "I didn’t know I was prepared! I don’t feel prepared!" he is so awesome and so prepared! If all pans out he will be getting baptized this Sunday! :) 

Something I noticed about winter is that people don’t like to stop to talk to you.. or open their doors all the way.. I don’t blame them! It’s usually around -15 c outside each day. But Yifan is one of the only people who really stopped to talk to us! That’s another reason why he is awesome! But I keep praying that we will find more like him! :) 

Transfers are this Sunday!! Wish us luck! 

Love you all,

Sister Gillins 


Hermione HARRY POTTER Hair

The Tragically Hip Way
 Temperatures below freezing
 and a wind chill of deathly!

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