Monday, January 26, 2015


I got to hold the big bunny this week! :D Y'all will probably get a picture of me holding some kind of animal each week. That’s one of the greatest things here in Kingston. Everyone lets you hold there pets :) 
But we were finally able to meet our Recent Converts daughter! We have been trying for weeks to meet her!! And finally she came to a lesson! :) She and her mom are exactly alike! They are so funny!! They remind me a lot of my mom and me! They tease each other like sisters but love each other soooo much :) It made me miss my mommy lots.. But so grateful for her as well. Our Recent Convert is such a good example to her daughter. She teaches her the gospel and how to help people by living the gospel.  I am so grateful that my mommy taught me those things too. 

This week we also went and got some yummy poutine! :) Sooooo good. I am going to start my own poutine restaurant when I get home. I don’t understand why we don’t have this more down in the states.. weird. 

On Tuesday we had exchanges! Sooo fun! Sister Warburton came here to Kingston and it was so great. We had a ball contacting people on the street! We had some awkward contacts where I almost ran into someone while saying hi and what not.. We just laughed and laughed! We were also able to meet some amazing prepared people! :) We met someone who asked for a Book of Mormon online. I love being able to talk to people who actually want us there!  :) 

Our investigator who is preparing for baptism in the next couple weeks was able to attend a baptism and he loved it! After I asked what he thought and he’s like "I need a few minutes to think" and then a few minutes he came and told me that he knows this is the right church for him! :)  That he loves how we are all different but we can all come to church every week and just worship God together. He loves the feeling of coming to church. Such a testimony builder for me! I know that everything he said is true! I love the Gospel just as much as he does!! :)  

I love you all. Thank you for all your prayers! 
-Sister Gillins 



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