Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A New Year and Companion!

So, I would like you all to meet my new companion, Sister Leeson!
She is fresh off the plane on Monday..( district jokes!)  But she is super wonderful in everyway!! :) 
She is from the Village (yes a village) of Sterling, Alberta! So I have another Canadian companion! I will be Canadian in no time! She is also blonde :) Blondes are the best. But I still can’t blame the long hair that get’s everywhere because hers is short.. But that is still okay! 

So.. driving.. I had to drive a TON! Does anyone know how far Brampton is from Kingston!? About 3 hours!! Sooooo long! We are so far away! And driving makes you tired... but no one worry! I did not fall asleep at the wheel! We just listened to some beautiful music that my mother sent me!! :) And it gave me lots of time to get to know Sister Leeson. She has a twin sister! How cool is that?! 

So our first full day together we went tracting..(everyone knows how much I love tracting..not!)  but everyone we met was very nice!! :) Then we talked to someone on the street! He was awesome! He wanted to learn more about Jesus! But when we tried to call him later, the number didn’t work.. Dang it! But it’s okay because it showed Sister Leeson how fun it is to talk to people. She is a lot like me when I first came out. It is hard to talk to people! But I love that she gives everything a try! When I invite her to talk at the next door, she will!! When I invite her to give a card to someone, she will!! She is taking some great steps and I am so excited to work with her! I feel like miracles are  starting to come!! :) And everyone we have met so far loves her! So this will be an amazing transfer! :) 

Church was cancelled yesterday due to freezing rain! Man was it cold! The roads were pure ice yesterday! So you drive really SLOW! And you walk really SLOW! Cause not are just the roads icy but so are the side walks! Since church was cancelled we thought it would be a good idea to go contact people on the campus! But nope. Everyone is trying not to slip, so they don’t really want to talk. It was pretty fun watching everyone try to walk though. I bet it was quite fun for people to watch Sister Leeson and I as well. Watching two girls in skirts walking on the ice, trying not to slip…Funny!  I just kept laughing to myself and wishing I could have caught us on video! :) 

We also got to hold baby bunnies! So stinking cute!! :) And once they are big enough, the lady is going to kill them and eat them!.... Ahhhh! But, she said we can do it with her! YIKES!

I love you all so much. And shout out to my brother Spencer for being a trooper! He was just diagnosed with diabetes type1 and he has the best attitude ever about it!! You are in my prayers little brother! 


Sister Gillins 

Sister Leeson and Me

Me and Baby Bunny

Kingston Ward Building

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