Monday, December 29, 2014


First of all, Christmas was amazing! Second of all, we didn't even have a white Christmas and I'm in stinkin' Canada! But I'm not bitter.. Just kidding, yes I am. 
But it is all okay because we had an amazing Christmas anyways! :) 

So the branch here has done a live nativity for 36 years! Crazy eh?! It is so sweet! They have a live donkey and sheep! :) So we got to help out with that! Most nights we just handed out hot chocolate and talked to the people who come, but on Christmas Eve we were a part of the show! We were cute shepherds! Actually, my hood was stuck under the robe... so I look like a hunch back! But it was still fun to help the members out :) 

Later that Christmas Eve we went to the Prices home. They are from Utah!! (Yay Utah!) So we had Cafe Rio style burritos! Boy have I missed those! They have 2 sons on a mission and 2 at home the same age as my Kyle and Isaac. So it felt like I was right back at home. It was great to be with a family on Christmas Eve. 

Christmas morning!! :D Sister Bottcher and I woke up early to open our presents!! :) My oh my am I spoiled by all of you!! I am almost rotten I tell ya! 
So here is my thank you list!! (Sorry if I miss anyone) 
Thank you Kim for the yummy fudge and cute shirt!! 
My favorite Auntie M and Steve for all the yummy food and the best chap stick in the world! I am obsessed! (It has a mini 2015 calendar on it!) 
Grandma and Grandpa Ruesch for the warm clothing that is very much needed and the sweets! 
Grandma and Grandpa Glover for the fun ball, hi-chews, and special Missionary experience journal. And Testimony letter.... Treasures to keep. 
And Canadian friends who sent “Canadian” warm gear done right! Go Canada! And go Beef Jerky!
And my family who fit everything in the world in a box!! My favorite was probably the Captain America doll and my squirrely slippers! :) 
I got some awesome pictures of Christ and candy from a Veteran Toronto Sister Missionary!  
And of course Money from many of you….Missionaries love extra money for the end of transfer when all that is left in the cupboards is ramen noodles and cereal.. It was so appreciated. I love all of you!!!  I will use that Money wisely and YUMMILY and to serve some others also!
Thank you for all those who sent me letters! I LOVE snail mail! So those meant the world to me!! 

On Christmas night we went over to the Haynes for a turkey dinner! :) They have the cutest family! So many kids! It was like our Christmas's back at home! And I was able to talk to my family! :) I love them. They remind me that I am not the only crazy one in the worldJ  I was born into a crazy family ;) They are getting so big and growing up to be wonderful people! I was so happy to hear about all of them preparing for missions and about Kyle getting ready to do his papers soon! :) Missionary work is amazing and I am so excited to start to see my family see the blessings that come from it as well!! 

So with transfer news! I am staying in the wonderful place of Kingston and I will be training a new missionary!! :) I am so excited to train again! I can’t wait to meet her! :) Sister Bottcher is going to Kitchener-Waterloo where I once served! She is going to love it! 
I am excited to stay here though! There are so many people to talk to! They need to hear the gospel! I am so excited for the new missionary too, this is a great place to be trained! :) Everyone here is fun to talk to! Most of them are pretty nice…even when they deny learning about the most important thing in the world! So we will have so much fun together! :) 

I love you all and will have more to report next week!!      
  -Sister Gillins







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