Monday, December 8, 2014


Who would have thought Sister Bottcher and I would get sick?! Not me!! :( On Monday night after having a wonderful deer stew at the Harringtons, Sister Bottcher and I started to get a sore throat. Then Tuesday a runny nose! and it all went downhill from there! But never the less, we did awesome this week! We have had more appointments this week than we have had throughout this whole transfer! :) We were able to find a new investigator through tracting and were able to meet with a lot of less-actives. Good things are starting to happen, and Satan isn’t happy. But NOTHING can get Sister Bottcher and I down! :) 

So I have been dieing to go contact people on the streets! Tracting has been hard for me.. So Sister Bottcher and I went downtown and started to talk to people. As we were walking, we passed a few people with a display. Right away I recognized it as the Jehovah Witnesses. So I just decided to continue on. Sister Bottcher didn’t see the displays though, and as a good missionary, decided to talk to everyone and started to talk to one of them. I decided to stand back and watch. And Sister Bottcher was so confident in everything she did! She just smiled and the spirit was just beaming from her! I am so grateful for her example!! As I stood and watched, a young English man walked up to me and asked me where a good place to eat was... I was like.. "I’ve only lived here for 2 weeks.." But then we had a good conversation about how I am a missionary and not a nun and what I teach about. He didn’t seem too interested after that, but I sure hope he checked out the "He is the Gift" video. 

This weekend we also had our branch Christmas party! It was so fun! We had a Hawaiian Christmas party and had a roasted pig! Yummy! We sang the 12 days of Christmas as tables. There was a table with only three people so I ran over to help them, but then my table stank at singing! So I was running between the two tables to help both of them out. It was a good work out :) 

We almost died this week too!! A semi made too tight of a turn and almost smooshed us!!! We were just screaming and I put the car in reverse hoping that I wouldn’t hit the car behind me and backed up! It was like the scariest thing ever!! Then I thought about the Christmas Vacation and I wish our car would have been small enough to fit underneath it.. but it wasn’t. 
But all is well!! We are alive and unsmooshed!! 

I love you all!! 
Have a Merry Christmas season!! Eat lots of Chocolate! 

-Sister Gillins 

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  1. Love you! I'm so glad you weren't smooshed!!!! Scary traveling sometimes huh? Love your stories!!!