Monday, December 15, 2014

E.T. phone home!

This week has been... CRAZY! 
WE got E.T.ed (emergency transferred) we got a call on Friday afternoon and left early Saturday morning! Good thing as missionaries we don’t have too many things to pack. It was just head home, pack, say good bye to a few people, and you’re gone!! But we didn’t go too far! We just went an hour east to Kingston! This place is so cool and so richly packed with church history! I would invite all of you to Google it and see how wonderful this place is! :)  Sister Bottcher and I got to stay together for the new transfer. I am so happy about that. We truly love each other and enjoy each others company. We work hard and laugh hard.
            (Haha, so we were driving and there was a little fly making me crazy in the car. We stopped at a red light and it landed on the window. So, I hit the window and smashed the stinker.(sorry fly) Then, I rolled down the window to get it out. Sister Bottcher was laughing really hard and I was like …what? She was like…..” the guy next to us at the red light thought you were trying to talk to him, and rolled down his window, but you drove off”… (:  oh, my life!)
            The first thing we did was go and drop by a few members since we know no one!! NO ONE! We got to meet one of the wonderful YSA in the ward, Winnie. :) She is so funny and great! We connected really well the second we met! I have missed my YSA! :) But now she is going home for the Christmas break :( Then we dropped by our wonderful R.S. president and talked to her about the branch and all the single ladies they would like us to visit. (The branch hasn’t had sisters since the summer so they are SUPER excited to have sisters again) Then we dropped by this wonderful young family, the Nobles. Oh my goodness they are wonderful! They invited us in and had us sit down. We talked for a little bit. By the end we had a dinner appointment scheduled for the 23rd, a Christmas tree in hand, and Sister noble was running to get us groceries since our apartment was looking dry of any food... :) They made us feel so welcomed. Something we both needed. It is hard being transferred right before Christmas.
            We were able to meet some great branch members at church yesterday!
            This week Sister Bottcher and I tried to make the Ritz crackers with mint on them for members.. but that was a complete fail!! So we just made cookies instead which worked out nicely. People love food!! :) They will let you in if they see you have food. So to all you missionaries! Bring food with you at drop bys! :) 
            Not too much happened other than that.. It was just pretty crazy and now we are starting over!! So hopefully I can tell you more about investigators next week!! 

-loves from the great white north! 

 Sister Gillins 

From:MAMA GILLINS – (Sister Gillins wrote a great “Hand Written Letter” home to her Brothers. I feel like some of it should be recorded on her blog…)

            You all are my very best friends. I like it when you all send me short emails and tell me what’s going on in your life. I am in a family Branch and get to talk to the young men and they make me miss you three so much.
            This morning Sister Bottcher and I were laying in our beds talking about our missions and I started to cry because I never want to leave. Missions are really miracles and they change you so much for the better. You get the chance to help people have a better life. You completely feel God’s love. Boys….DO ALL THAT YOU CAN TO BE ON A MISSION! I can’t even describe to you how much I love it here. It’s hard and people slam doors in your face, push you out of the way and yell at you, but yet you are so happy. It’s crazy…and this must all be true! Because there is no way I would go through all of that. I would be home in a heart beat. But, the Gospel is True! So, it is worth it and God makes it easier for us.
            REMEMBER…God loves us and will help us. Don’t forget about the power of the Priesthood! It is literally the Power of God. And, you hold it. How amazing.
            Thank you for the Prayers. They help me. I pray for you all too.

I love you,
Your Sister Gillins

It's a bag of bagels!!
 (now say it with a Canadian accent:)
It's fun! 

Our attempt at making yummy things...
 it always turns into icky.. 

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