Monday, December 22, 2014

The Work of Salvation

What an amazing week!! :) We had the most wonderful Christmas Zone Conference! There was lots of singing and it was so spiritual! We were able to learn so much! and I hate to say it.. but it got me excited for tracting!! So that tells you how good it was!! But it was so far away!! On Monday I drove more than 4 hours!! Then Tuesday I had to drive 2 1/2... I am a pro driver by now!! I want you all to know! :) 

So we have been focusing on the entire Work of Salvation in our mission. And it has been really cool to see here! :) We are working with members and teaching them the Restoration and asking them who they think would need this. A lot of the time they give us less-actives to work with, which is great! Then those less-actives let us in and then we get even more referrals from them! The most important part to all of this though.. is RETURN AND REPORT! That is one way we can gain the trust of the members and those we visit with. Go visit the referrals right away and then as soon as you can,.. report back! We are seeing the trust grow here. :) 

I have felt the Spirit a ton this week. I have been focusing on acting upon each prompting I get and I have seen miracles come from that. I keep receiving additional promptings and they lead me to cool things. 
After contacting for about 45 min - to an hour and nothing happening we walked past these two teenage boys,…well,.. that looked like druggies.. but, I felt prompted to give them a card. Well, that night one texted us and wants to learn more!! SO COOL :) 

We visited one less active this week. She let us in. At first she was pretty negative about everything.. but then we got her talking about happy things, and one thing led to another and I invited her back to church and she said yes!! :) She hasn’t been in 20 years, but she is willing to come back now!! We are so excited! :) 

In Kingston they put on a live nativity! :) With real animals and stuff!! It is so cute and fun!! :) We got to help and give out hot chocolate. A ton of people come to it! They put it on every night until Christmas! We may even have the opportunity to be in it!! If we do, we will take lots of pictures and send them!! :) 

So, now for a funny moment…we were talking to someone on the street and he said that he believed in Joseph Smith, so I’m like, “oh, are you Mormon?!” and his wife was like, “no.. not Mormon..” and then he got really close to my face and said, “I’m Jimmy Jay, have you heard me on the radio?” and then he winked and they walked away.. I was so confused!! Sister Bottcher just kept laughing. It was pretty interesting. Do ya’ll know who Jimmy Jay is? If you do, let me know (:

One of the members we have been visiting with has rabbits! and one had babies!!! They are so ity bity! I love them!!! :) Once they get a little bigger I will take a picture! :) 

I will get each of your packages for those who sent them!! I am going back to Belleville on Wednesday to pick all of them up!! Thank you for all you do for me!! I love you!! Your support means everything. I GET TO SKYPE MY FAMILY IN A FEW DAYS...YEAH!

Merry Christmas,

Sister Gillins 

I also got my first Kinder Surprise
 from a member!!
 It is chocolate with a prize in it!!
I love it!!

  And man oh man,
 I am getting lot’s of jerky from ya’ll!!
Thank you! :)

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