Monday, November 3, 2014

Pray with FAITH

The trees here are so gorgeous! There are so many trees, like real trees! Not just evergreens! And they are all changing colors. I never thought I would be a “leaf presser person”, but I can’t help it! I love these bright red leaves! MAPLE LEAVES!  I keep picking them off the ground and putting them in my baby Book of Mormon and take them home with me! One of our Recent Converts saw me do it and made fun of me! But I don’t care :)

It felt like this week was slow.. All of our appointments kept falling through and it felt like nothing was working out how it was planned (missionary work for ya) But then a miracle happened! We had two investigators at church! And we set them with baptismal dates! They were also progressing! :) By the end of church we were only 2 member present lessons away from hitting standards! So we asked one of our lovely members Emily to come out teaching with us. We only had one lesson planned and were depending on our faith to have a lesson on the street. We decided to go to a place called York Village by York University to go street contacting. We prayed before we got out of our car that we would find Gods prepared children and to be able to have a lesson. We walked around a couple blocks and there was no one out! Then we saw someone. He was totally not interested! But I asked him how he has seen God in his life and he just opened up! He told us all about the miracles he has seen recently and how he believes they came from God. We testified that they were from God and Sister Droge said that us meeting that night was also because of God. He freaked out about that comment and was like, “this is creepy”!! But he said that he would love to hear our experiences with and about Christ and accepted to read the Book of Mormon! It was such a miracle to find him, and for him to be the first person we talked to! Miracles happen when we pray with faith :)

Halloween was also super fun! :) Our District Leader, Elder Ellis… got us some costumes! YEP, the mustaches are back ;) We wore them all during weekly planning and had a blast! :) One of the recent converts also took us to lunch. We went to a place called Tandori Flame. It’s an Indian buffet.. :) All the curry a Sister could ask for! I ate so much! And I am being so brave! I eat what ever someone gives me. And it is all really yummy! The Trick or Treater kids were sooo cute.

Sister Droge and I had so much fun with Kashra. She is an Amazing Woman! She spent a day with us doing missionary work and took lots of pictures. Ha Ha.  She is a strong person and so full of fun and love. She is a favorite of mine (:

And to answer all of your questions, yes Canada is getting cold. It started to snow on Thursday. It didn’t stick though. It has been around 5 degrees Celsius the past couple days.. But that is what my winter coat is for eh?! :)

Love you all!!

-Sister Gillins 

pumkin pickin'
Mustaches are the Bomb!
Indian Food from the best! 

(neat nature)
I love leaves!


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