Monday, November 17, 2014

Goodbye Toronto!

My time in Toronto has come to an end.. :( And I am so sad! :( I have met so many amazing people here! But I am excited to start my new adventure in Belleville with Sister Bottcher! If you don't remember.. She’s my MTC companion!! Who would have thought?! I have been dyeing to be her companion again to see how much both of us have changed!! :) So I am going to be going from 3 big cities to one small one! I hope I don't go into shock! Oh! And Sister Droge is going to train!! She is going to be a big sister now and help someone else become a great missionary just like herself! :)

Can I tell you how much I love YSA! I am going to miss them so very much! I have met so many amazing and strong people! I have enjoyed teaching each of them about the gospel and sharing my testimony with them. As I have shared and served with them, my testimony has grown so much stronger and I have truly understood my purpose as a missionary. Even though we may meet with them in hostile venues and they may not understand us, I have felt the Spirit so strongly with them. Being able to talk to 30-50 each day on the street has been a blessing to me. I have felt Gods love for each of them. I see things in a different way. God has blessed me by letting me be here.

Haha! So we have some new friends! They are from India, and guess what! They found my blog!! Oh the greatness of Google! So I’m pretty famous if you ask me ;) Jk, but thank you mommy for keeping this all updated for me! I truly love you for it!!

The snow is starting to stick to the ground now!! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! But really though! The great thing about having Thanksgiving so early here is that they don't have to "wait until Thanksgiving is over!" to put up Christmas stuff!! So I see decorations everywhere already! :)

And what would it be like without an awkward family photo from our district.. ? :) We love to be awkward! I’m going to miss each of them so much!!


Sister Gillins 
Our investigators threw me a going away party!
 I about cried!! :( 

more cake pics!! 

The most amazing District in the world!!
I will miss serving with them.
My cute Adopted Grandma (Sister Gillen)
Almost the same as my Last name..we like to have fun about it..
She serves at the Mission Home
Snowing! It's beginning to look like Christmas!

We love the Vicky & Reggie de Dios Family.
We get to eat dinner with them every week.
They are so sweet and treat us like their own kids.
We get to have fun and have a good time with them.
This is how we show up to our Appointments...
like Eskimos!

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