Monday, November 10, 2014

Chastity and Missionary Monday

You know the person I told y'all about last week? The one that we met on the street? He became a pretty solid investigator! He is super awesome! He has had some really cool experiences with God. He wasn’t too sure if it was God or not, but now after talking with us he knows :) We shared The Restoration with him earlier this week and the Spirit was so strong! Sister Droge and I were able to testify to him that the Spirit has been with us during our lesson and he was just quiet and kept saying "wow" I know he felt the spirit too ;) He has been texting us all week asking us questions of the soul. We keep telling him he has to wait till our next lesson to get answers. We are teaching him the plan of salvation and that is basically what all his questions are about.

This week we also taught the law of chastity to some of our younger investigators. It was so great! As we taught they didn’t say much, they kept very quiet and if they said anything it was in their native language so we couldn’t understand. I was thinking the lesson was a fail! But they both said they would try to live the law of chastity. But the most amazing thing happened when we texted them to confirm our appointment, they asked if we could go over the law of chastity again and teach it to their friend so it would make living it easier! They were able to testify to their friend that this is what God wants of them! How cool is that?! I think it’s pretty awesome! :)

So this week our Zone had a goal of getting 100 new investigators! That is really high; the record for our zone was something around 45.. So that’s more than double our high! So as YSA we knew we could get lots of new investigators. We went to Sheridan College this week and talked to everyone! Literally! The YSA Elders were there as well so no one passed us with out talking to a missionary! Sister Droge and I were there for about 2 hours and were able to find 20 new investigators! So, for someone to become a new investigator we must teach them a few principles, pray, set up a return appointment and get there name and number! It was so much fun! It stretched us a ton! But it was such a fun experience! :)

I don’t have any pictures to send home... so #missionarymonday and a quick selfie or sister droge and I. :)

Love y'all!!
- Sister Gillins

Selfie at the Library where we get to email home!

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  1. Clarissa, thanks for sharing your experiences with us and for allowing us to be a part of what you're doing there. It's awesome to see how the Lord works through you with those wonderful people you're teaching.
    Love, Dave & Martha