Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween in Apt 104

Our apartment looks super spooky for Halloween! But not too spooky, we still need the spirit to be with us ;) But I am getting excited for Halloween!! :) Institute is holding a YSA Halloween dance and all the YSA are getting excited about their costumes! :) And tonight for family home evening we are carving pumpkins! So Sister Droge and I are going out with a member today to pick them! :) That is my favorite part,.. picking pumpkins! There won’t be much we do on Halloween this year though. Missionaries need to be in their apartments by 6pm. Smart eh? But it will be fun. We will open our windows and watch the trick or treaters go by while we do our weekly planning!

So we have this awesome investigator! He is from India. He is so smart! Like, he knows 4 languages! He has been learning about the gospel and loves it! He wants to be baptized, but his family doesn’t want him to. They belong to a different religion and are against him joining another. It is hard :( But it has been so fun teaching him. It is so cool seeing him progress. When we first met him he wasn’t sure what he believed, but he told us he believes in Jesus Christ and I asked him how, and he said by reading the Book of Mormon. How amazing is that?!

Yesterday we taught the word of wisdom to one our investigators. He was hesitant about it. But then our member friends that was with us threw down on him! It was so cool, because it was what he needed. She gave him facts and told him that it’s dumb to take those things into our bodies. Members are the best because that is sometimes exactly what our investigators need! So today at lunch, we are going to go over and chuck everything he agreed was not good for him… in the garbage for God! It’s going to be awesome! :)

I love you all so very much!! Keep being missionaries. All of you!

- Sister Gillins 

There is a missionary couple from Utah
 that live in our apartment building.
 It's like I'm home everytime I see their car! 

Doan's Baptism! 
Baptism Selfie!! 


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