Monday, October 20, 2014

Doan was Baptized!

This week was a fun and great week! Our dear friend Doan was baptized :)
Sister Droge met him a few weeks ago while we were contacting out on the street. He was so prepared! He ate up everything. He truly does love this gospel and understand it so well. After meeting him the first time and inviting him to read, he went home and read all of 1 Nephi! Every lesson we had with him he came ready to learn. He wanted to understand this gospel and he is applying it into his life. During the teaching processes we had our recent convert Joe come with us to teach. It is amazing to see someone who is so new to the gospel being able to teach it. It was a blessing to have Joe along with us because he was able to explain the gospel to Doan in the way Doan needed it explained. Joe is also still making changes! He has now started wearing a white shirt and tie to church and took out his earrings! And no one even asked him to! :) The gospel changes our nature. It changes us for the better :)

We had a lot of appointments fall through this week. Like a lot! But that just made us really good at drop by lessons and lessons on the street. We are becoming pro at it. I love the short lessons we have. It helps me cut the fat and get straight to the meat! The gospel is very simple, but so powerful! Even if you do only see someone for 3 minutes you can help them feel the spirit. That is something President Clayton and I have talked about. That we need to help people feel the spirit. Go out and be happy and allow people to feel the spirit. It can be frustrating when people don’t care or want to understand, but if you are yourself and you have the spirit with you, the least you can do is allow that person to feel the spirit.

We also had a Turkey Bowl for Canadian Thanksgiving! It was zone against zone! Our zone is full of foreigners.. so none of them know how to play American football. It was probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. They just were running around and did as they were told. Good thing missionaries don’t keep score.. :) I bet we would have won anyways ;)

This week was also Sister Droges birthday! Happy birthday to her! We were everywhere on her birthday! We went to Mississauga for an appointment (which bombed) but it was fun! It is like the future there! It is so nice and rich.. not what I am used to. I like the ghetto. But that is what I think I like a lot about where I serve. I get to be in so many different places and be with so many different people. It’s so amazing being able to see how each person has been prepared to hear and learn about the gospel.

OH!! And this past week we had a zone challenge. It was to see which district could commit the most people to church. Our district blew it out of the water! Mainly on Elder Akre and Elder Ellis's part. They worked hard and allowed our district to dominate! This week we are focusing on getting member presents. I have a feeling we will win this one too ;)

Love you all. Keep up the great work!
-Sister Gillins 

Sweet and Wonderful DeDios family.
They have us over all the time for dinner.
Thanksgiving was amazing!

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