Monday, October 6, 2014


Sister Droge saved my life this week! I was taking my vitamins in the morning as we started personal study and one just wouldn’t go down!! The little booger was just chillin' in my throat like it was no bodies business! I kept trying to cough it up but it wouldn’t go! Luckily I was still breathing. So Sister Droge told me to get up and jump, so I started to jump around our apartment. Nothing. That booger was hanging on for dear life! Sister Droge started to hit my back. Nothing. It was probably the worst feeling in the world. I sat there for about a minute in the bathroom hacking up a storm!! Finally Sister Droge came to the bathroom with some gross yellow water, (which I found out was my apple juice that she mixed with water) and I drank it and was fine. This whole experience was very traumatic and I never want it to happen again.

We got stuck in traffic. Again! Just like we do every day of our lives. But this week we took videos!! too bad none of you can see them.. You'll just have to wait 11 months and then you can see how funny Sister Droge and I are! :) But I did take some pictures.. but it doesn’t even capture how horrid it is to hit traffic at 3 in the afternoon.. like how does that even happen? I don’t know.

For PDAY….We get to put up Halloween Decorations today. Because my mom is awesome! She sent the whole District some Halloween Candy and decorations. Then I get to clean, get some icecream and go WATCH sports. The Elders are nice and tell me to play…but, I’m not good and I don’t enjoy being smashed with a ball multiple times… The Elders and some Sisters take their sports serious…haha. I smashed my finger just trying to put up the volleyball net last week. I think I will just catch up on writing some letters….

Conference was the best!! We are so privileged to hear from a living prophet and his apostles every 6 months! I think the week of conference is the best. I love telling people that they could hear the prophet on a live broadcast! There reactions are the best! Most people think I'm crazy but some people think that is really cool!! And it is really cool!! The things they say to us really do apply to our every day lives! They are NOT just old men with beards and robes, but smart educated men led by the Lord to help us get through every day life!! I learned a lot from conference, but I think the best thing was the overwhelming feeling of my Saviors love as I watched. I know that my Savior loves me and all of His children. It is amazing that I have the opportunity to teach that each day. Missionary work is the best! Good thing every member is a missionary so I can do this for the rest of my life!! :)

Oh ya!! We survived transfers!! Sister Droge and I are staying is Churchville YSA! The anxiety that goes into transfer calls is almost too much to bear! So we watched, "How rare a possession" to keep our mind off of things. :) ! This place is the bomb!!


Sister Gillins 

I love my Companion! She is so Cute!

The Anxiety of "WAITING"
for transfer news!!

Watching "How rare a possession"
 to keep our mind off of things. :) 

I can't take this Toronto traffic anymore!!

17 min car rides turn into
45 min car rides in the blink of an eye! 

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