Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Thanksgiving before Halloween?! Ya, its weird I know! :) But it was still such a wonderful day!
But mostly because I got to talk to people all day!! We actually had exchanges yesterday so Sister Stoddard came to the Churchville YSA area and we had a ball!! We only had one appointment set up, so the rest of the day was free for us to go street contacting!! And we went on a road trip for that one… stopping at every place to share the good news! ;) We first went to the Humber North Campus and talked with people there. We actually met two solid girls who love the Lord! We taught them about the Restoration and they are excited to learn more! Then we went to York University and contacted around there and little and then decided to walk over to Finch and Sential and we met the best person ever! It was this man from China! He was so excited about everything and he even said his first prayer with us! :) The spirit that comes when someone says their first prayer, even if it is on a busy street corner,… is pretty amazing.

Now Thanksgiving dinner!! :) Yummy!! We have this wonderful couple in the branch presidency who had us over for dinner. They treat us too well!! It was like the Thanksgiving dinner we have at home. We had mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and lots and lots of turkey! I was so stuffed! Probably gained like 15 pounds, but that’s okay! We all do on missions ;) Well at least Sister Gillins does.

Oh! And we are finally getting our gross moldy ceiling fixed! yay!!! No more gross showers :) haha it was actually all cut open this week and stuff kept falling out. So Sister Droge and I decided to go to the chapel for work outs and just take a shower there! :) It was actually not as bad as I thought! It worked out swimmingly. :)

For PDAY…. We are getting ready to play a Turkey Bowl. Our Zone is getting together. I am playing center because I think I am big and can dominate(; haha…Jokester. Actually I want to play that position because the only thing I can catch is the common cold. I won’t be able to catch the football.

Love you all!!

Sister Gillins 

The gross moldy bubble!! 

Awkward zone pictures are the best! :) 

We love the Hermanas!! :)
(spanish speaking Sisters) 

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  1. Love your blog and love your pictures! Happy Halloween! Happy Thanksgiving! Love You!!! Grandma Ruesch