Monday, September 29, 2014

I love to see the TEMPLE !!

This week was AMAZING! Pretty much like every week while you are on a mission :)
This week we were able to meet some pretty amazing people! And those amazing people came to church!! :) And those amazing people also read in the Book of Mormon! More than we asked them to read. I know, I know what you all are thinking, MISSION MIRACLE! But really. Young Single Adults are the bomb! They are so prepared and they are so ready to learn. They really do take everything in. The things they are able to understand are amazing and the questions they do have really make me think. So as I study and prepare for our lessons I am learning so much more than I ever have! I love this area and these people so much!

This week we also got to go to the TEMPLE! Woohoo!!
Earlier this week Sister Droge and I actually packed a lunch and ate lunch on the temple grounds. The spirit you feel by just standing on the ground around the temple is amazing. On Saturday morning we actually got to go inside and do a temple session. It is something I needed and I am so grateful that I was able to attend. Because when you haven’t been for awhile you tend to forget the spirit that is felt there. It is so much stronger and sweeter there than anywhere else. And that is why we have been asked to attend as regularly as possible. To never let the temple escape our view.
Later that night at the General Women’s Broadcast they talked a lot about temples! What a great way to finish the day! :) But the temples are the House of God. It is where we are able to go and gain further truth and knowledge. Our mission president has asked us to try to get our recent converts to the temple as soon as possible. At least 2-3 months after they are baptized. I know how important this is. The temple is such a sacred place and I want everyone to feel the way I have felt by attending the temple.

Oh ya!! as a side note, last week I smashed my finger! It went blue instantly!! Pretty sweet eh!? Elder Barrett (senior missionary) told me to put a whole in it and let the blood drain out. All I could think about is when Grandpa Glover smashed his fingure at Bear Lake and did the same thing.. Maybe Ill try it tonight and see if the pressure lets up.

Sister Gillins

 Hi we are missionaries and we
 'mustache' you a question!
I think I may get married in this temple. 

I think its a nice shade of blue. 

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