Monday, September 15, 2014

Cherry's are delicious and cute!

To start off this week… we played volleyball for Family Home Evening! And guess who got hit the face with the ball? Me! Its okay though, it happens all the time when your name is Sister Gillins.. :) Anyways, that was a blast, mostly because we played in our skirts! And we still dominated! :D
Most of our teaching appointments this week worked out like this….. people have too many questions and sisters that don’t have enough time to answer! But they were still wonderful. Young people do have a lot of questions and they are good questions. But it is so hard to answer all of them when we only have about an hour to teach. But one of my favorite things is just making them hold there questions till the end and see if what we taught them answered their questions. Most of the time it does! It is so wonderful to teach people the restoration or the plan of salvation and seeing how much sense it makes to them when they see the big picture!
We had car problems again this week... not really problems, just that we didn’t have a car for 2 1/2 days.. and if you saw how massive our area is, you would understand how you can’t function without a car. But we improvised! We walked about 5 k's to the nearest University and just oym'ed (open your mouth) or (street contacting) all night. It was really fun! Sister Droge had a goal of talking to at least 30 people this past week by herself and she was able to pass that by talking to 32 just in that night! She is such a hard worker and so brave! I didn’t dare talk to people my 3rd week in the mission!!
This week Cherry Mae was baptized!! She is so adorable!! In one of our lessons with her she told us that she was ready to be baptized and it all went from there!! She has such a love for God and Christ and you can see it in her face and in her actions. Her baptism went well, but there were a couple spiders floating in the font, so I went fishing! No worries she was baptized spider free!! :)
Baptisms are one of my most favorite things about being on a mission. Watching people come closer to God is such an amazing experience. I know that when we follow the example of our Elder Brother and are baptized just like He was by the proper priesthood authority, we will receive more blessings then we can ever imagine. I know our Heavenly Father is looking down and is so pleased with those who enter into the waters of baptism and make that sacred covenant with Him. I know God lives and loves us and being baptized is how we can show Him we love Him too!!


Sister Gillins

I know my smile is always huge! But I love YSA so much!!
Cherry Mae's Baptism

I'm eating a burrito! Another mission miracle! 

Matchy Matchy!
Our District at Zone Conference 

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  1. Clarissa, you are so cute and I love the name Cherry! I got hit in the face once with a volleyball also! :) Keep smiling! You are accomplishing wonders!!!