Monday, September 22, 2014


This week we had the opportunity to have Elder Cardon of the Seventy come and speak with us. I love being able to just sit and be taught. I love teaching.. but being taught is the best thing in the world! Especially from a General Authority. He helped us understand our role as missionaries and how we are called and the organization of the church. I am ever so grateful for how organized our church is!! :) He also went over how important it is to never mention baptism without confirmation. The two are so important together. That without receiving the Holy Ghost baptism is not complete. I am so grateful that he mentioned that because I think that is something I am lacking and need to make clear as I teach.
I have had the opportunity to hear some amazing testimonies this week as well. Mainly from Recent-Converts. Seeing the gospel change their life has been such a blessing in my life! It reminds me that I need to allow the gospel to change my life every day. One of the Recent-Converts in my area is named Aditya and he said something last night that hit me. We live in a pretty big city and there are tall buildings all around. He said he looks up and see's what man has built and looks at it like we have to achieve those same heights,..  but when we go out in nature and look at what God has made and just look at the big blue sky, it shows us that it is just us and God and that we can achieve all things.
 I love how much nature can bring us closer to our Father above. Look at the many amazing things around you. They are all Gods creations. We are Gods creation. God created us in His own image. He has also created a plan for us. A perfect plan that allows you and I to return back to His presence. It is so simple, but so marvelous. He has given us a way to know His plan and it is through a living prophet. Each prophet tells us how we can achieve eternal glory. I am so honored that I am able to go out and proclaim this message each day. I know that when I go home I won’t stop sharing it either. This message is too sweet not to share.
I love my Father above; I am so grateful that He sent me to the Churchville YSA area to be able to learn more about Him through His children.
I love each and everyone of you.

Sister Gillins

Thank you Jimmy for the bracelet! I love it and I love supporting the Canadian colors!

My cousin Jimmy made me a Colors of Canada bracelet!
I love It!

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