Monday, July 28, 2014


This week I was able to experience different cultures!! I love Canada for that reason. :)
Through out this week I was able to have authentic Brazilian and Filipino food! From Brazil we had crepes, but these weren't just any crepes. They were the most delicious crepes I have ever had!! They were made just like an enchilada but with a crepe.. It was so delicious!! I probably could have eaten 12! But I just had two instead ;) Then on Saturday we attended a full blown Filipino party!! There was so much fish I couldn't believe it!! They cooked it right over a fire and in banana leaves! Yummy!! I had my very first Sardine on Saturday, and it wasn't too bad. Filipinos are some of the nicest people I have ever met!! They are so friendly and treat you like family. I love being able to enjoy all walks of life while being here in Canada.
So in honor of Pioneer day on the 24th Sister Christenson and I decided we were going to walk all day and not use our car once! Which is partially because we are running out of K's (kilometers) But it was so fun. We sang pioneer songs and worked real hard just like the pioneers!!
We also have been listening to Christmas music all week. I am so grateful that I have a companion who enjoys Christmas just as much as I do! I have no objections to having Christmas in July :)
Sunday is the miracle day!! Literally!! We had another person randomly show up at church again this week!! It was a young man that we met as we were walking home last week. We invited him to come to church and meet with the YSA missionaries. As we walked into Sacrament yesterday morning he was standing at the door. We were able to talk with him and explain church to him. He stayed the whole 3 hours!! Neat eh? I gave him a Book of Mormon and he told me that he would read it and then give it back to me. I ensured him that it was free and to keep it. I really think he will read it. He is awesome!! This area is so prepared! All we have to do is live worthy to be able to have these prepared people put in our paths!!
Sister Gillins

                                       3-11 SECORD AVE.
                                       KITCHENER, ON
                                       N2B 2L3

(P.S. - family and peeps....I ATE THE FISH!)
      I got fish bones stuck in my throat though... icky.



Sometimes while we tract we get caught in the rain.

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