Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Civic Holiday

So preparation day was switched to Tuesday this week because of the Civic Holiday. People don’t really celebrate anything on this holiday, but people do have work off, so there was a lot of people out on the streets yesterday :) Slowly but surely I am feeling more comfortable with talking to people on the street. It still is awkward.. most of the time it is awkward, but it is so worth it. Because why would I let someone go by with out hearing about this great message?!

So Elder DeWaal is in my zone! Or.. at least was, he may have been transfered out. (He was with two missionaries who are going home this week) But small world eh? Two kids from small town Herriman being in the same area in Canada?! It was awesome!!

I have been trying to find a good sushi place here... I can’t find anything! Well, there are some Sushi places, but they have been “all you can eat” and super expensive…I am trying to find just a cheap yummy place. I am craving Sushi!

I am so glad the boys went to EFY! I loved seeing the pictures the boys sent me of their “new friends”….especially the girls…..HAHA that is so funny!! it is weird seeing a boy and girl touch. That doesn’t happen in the mission field!
Hey I want you boys to know you are such  good brothers. You lighten everyone’s day. Don’t ever forget that.

 This week we had exchanges. Sister Felix came to Kitchener-Waterloo and I got to drive!! I haven’t been behind the wheel for more than 5 months! And that was strange! But it felt so great! I miss driving so much!! We had no appointments scheduled for that day, so it was a finding day!! Woohoo! I love finding with Sister Felix, it’s the best. The morning was so hot. We were sweating buckets by the time we came home for lunch! But when we went back out not even a half hour later did it start pouring!! It was like we were taking a shower!! The rain wouldn’t stop coming and no one would let us in! They just thought we were crazy people for tracting in the rain. But it was so fun!! We worked so hard and enjoyed doing it.

Something Sister Felix and I talked about is CPR. In the mission field CPR stands for Church Pray and Read. Just like CPR keeps you alive in the physical sense, CPR keeps your spirit alive. As a missionary I am always reading and praying and going to church every Sunday. But it is something I want to focus on a lot more. To make it more meaningful. Because when you make that your center focus, then you will be anchored on the rock of Christ. You will be able to grow closer to Him and Satan will not have power over you. No matter who you are, whether an investigator, new member or a long time member, we all need CPR to stay alive!!

Love yas!
Sister Gillins

Elder DeWaal and I! H-Town!! 

The Sister Training Leaders are usually late..
so we take pictures and wait :) 

Sometimes it down pours on exchanges.. :) 

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