Monday, August 18, 2014

The Bee who didn’t like me…..

All the bugs in the world were against me this weekend!

It all started with a bee..
Sister Christenson and I went for a run for our morning work out, I was feeling good! I had a lot of energy!! (Which is rare for Sister Gillins in the morning..) Then I felt a sharp pain in my leg, I looked down and there was a bee. I kept running thinking the bee would just fly off, but no. The pain got worse. I didn’t want to touch the thing, so Sister Christenson took the keys and tried to flick it off. That little booger held on for his life! Stinkin' bees... I forgot how painful hornet stings are. The pain doesn’t last for just a few minutes, but all day!
Then yesterday as we were contacting, nats were flying in my mouth and eyes and ruining my conversation! Also, as we were walking home last night a bug bit me! I need some bug spray or something.. cause this is ridiculous!

On the other hand, I was able to meet more of the ward members this week and was able to really get to know them. I love being able to really get to talk to people and hear about their lives and how the gospel has blessed them. We have an amazing ward here and it has such a sweet spirit! I love them :)

A few days ago as we were out contacting we came across some people who were moving a table. We asked if we could help and the man said that he had it. But then a lady came out and asked us what we were doing. We told her that we are missionaries and sharing a message about Christ and how He can bless our lives and that we were also offering service. Ends up that she is a long lost Less- Active. She allowed us to come in and help her. She told us more about her life. She is a single mom and was just getting new furinture. She allowed us to come back. She is awesome!! It was a miracle that we found her! That is what I love about missions,… being able to see the little miracles that happen everyday!


Sister Gillins 

Its been so cold in our apartment..
 we can't help but bundle up during studies. 

Sister Christenson made me cut her hair.
 I'm not too bad at it either!

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