Monday, August 11, 2014

How many Missionaries does it take?!

How many missionaries do you think it takes to break into a car? The answer is 0. Friday evening as Sister Christenson and I were going to a dinner appointment we locked our keys in the car.. oops. So, we called the Zone Leaders and our District Leader. They thought they would be able to get the keys out by themselves.. So here we are, on the side of the road. 6 missionaries dressed in church clothes trying to break into a car. What a site to see! None of us were able to get into the car.. so, we ended up having to call road side service. An hour later a nice man came to unlock our car. I was holding my Preach My Gospel and he’s like, "Praise Jesus!!" I was so confused on why that was the first thing he said to us, but then he pointed to my book. We all had a nice talk about how Jesus plays a role in our lives as he broke into our car. We gave him a card and told him to check it out and he said he would. Let’s hope he meets missionaries again someday while not breaking into a car, so they can have a real gospel discussion.

I was able to mow the lawn for the first time in my life on Tuesday night!! We have this awesome member who knows how much I have wanted to mow the lawn,…so he left a portion of his yard uncut for me to mow. It was easy!! I don’t understand why people complain so much! I was able to do it in a skirt! Now that was a site to see as well!

This last Friday we had Zone Training. It was amazing!! One of the most spiritual uplifting ones I have gone too.
We talked about a talk given by Randy D. Funk called "Called of Him to Declare His Word." As a missionary you are truly called by God to declare His word. We may not go to a special school to share the gospel, we may not have the best vocabulary or even speak or understand the language very well, but we do have something special. We have a member of the God Head with us. The Holy Ghost is always with us and that is what converts people. I know I may not have many talents. I may not be able to play the piano, or sing, or play sports. But I know that the Lord knows my talents and how to use them. When we give our all over to the Lord, He can use us and shape us better than we would have ever thought possible.

OH! Quick story. On Saturday night as we were out contacting and cute boy on a bike road up to us and gave us a paper and told us that it was the good word of God. He then went on to talk about Christ and how it is only through Christ that we may be saved. He bore his testimony to us. He was so cute! He was 15 and from the Baptist church. Now, if a 15 year old boy can go around by himself talking about God, why is it so hard for us to talk with our friends about our beliefs? I don’t know either. We should all take his example and never be afraid to share what we love and cherish.
The End.

I love yous all!!
(ps: yous is a Canadian thing)
Sister Gillins

I think Nike's and skirts go very well together :) 

 0 out of 6 missionaries could break into our car.


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  1. I liked the car story...I think every missionary seems to have a car story...but they're all just a little different. It's not the first or second time of mowing the lawn that's hard, it's the doing it for the rest of your life now that you know how...keep on keepin' on Sister Gillins. We love you.