Monday, May 5, 2014

What Happened?

So this week was wonderful, but I’m not too sure on what happened. It is all a blur, but that’s what is wonderful about missionary work. If you are doing what the Lord wants you to do then you don't need to worry about what happened or is going to happen, everything will fall into place as you work hard and focus on the needs of your investigators.

We have a new investigator. When we first talked to him he told us his name was Endeavour. Then he told us that it was actually Yusuf in a text he sent to us. Then when we actually met with him for a lesson he told us that it was really Endeavour and that he wasn't sure if he wanted us to have his real name yet. So, we went on with our lesson calling him Endeavour. Well the next day he told us his real name is Axxxx and that he felt he could really trust us with his real name once he met with us. It was the strangest thing that has happened since being in Canada, but we are glad that he trusts us. He is amazing and is progressing so well! He is even trying to live the word of wisdom and we haven't even taught it to him yet!!

We have been truly blessed. We have some amazing investigators who are wanting to follow Christ. It is fun to watch how much the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bless them. This week we took away a pack of cigarettes from one of our investigators. The packs here are so weird; they have a picture of a man dyeing on it! It’s supposed to stop people from smoking.. but it’s not working because everyone still does.
I love seeing the blessings that come from people living the word of wisdom. The people are filled with a more amazing light and able to feel the spirit so much more. They are blessed physically where they say they have more energy, but also blessed spiritually. They are able to think more clearly and feel their Saviors love so much more.

Sister Bodine and I have been tracting a lot more. We need to find a family. So we go to big neighborhoods now. Tracting is so ineffective, but if people aren't willing to give us referrals it’s the only thing we can do. Many people will not listen and shut the door on our faces, many love to argue. My favorite is when people say they don't like to talk about religion but end up having a 15 minute conversation with us on their porch. Even though they aren't willing to listen now, we are planting seeds. The Gospel is for everyone and that is why we are here, to share it.

I know that Jesus is the Son of God and that He lives. He can bless each of our lives, but only if we allow Him to. Everything is possible through Jesus Christ. He is our brother and loves us more than we can comprehend. Let the atonement work within you. Give yourself over to our Lord.

Sister Gillins
McFlurry Day

This is the picture on front of cigarettes
here in Canada

I don't think this picture is working!

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