Monday, April 28, 2014



This week was such a great week! We really depended on the Spirit a lot. And wow, our lessons were amazing!! Most of the time this week; we would go in planning on teaching one thing but end up teaching another. And one of the most amazing things, is that Sister Bodine and I can still teach in unity with one another! It has been so fun to be able to teach with Sister Bodine :)

So, we were teaching a few 10 year olds about the restoration and then one of them asked about the sacrament. We told them that the bread represents the body of Christ and one of them said ,"Christ was made out of bread?!" Haha, we may need to be more specific and clear as we teach younger kids.. ;)
Sister Bodine and I have been trying to visit a less active for awhile now, but when ever we try to go over to her apartment we always end up talking to people on the street until we have to go home. But, this week we were able to finally meet with her and it was amazing! She told us about her amazing conversion story. (The Elders asked her what she thought the world needed and she said a prophet. That is every missionaries dream!) But she also told us that she feels judged at church because she split from her husband and that it is all her fault. We bore our testimony to her that we think she is such a strong lady and that she can do hard things. Then Sister Bodine bore the most beautiful testimony I have ever heard! She told this lady that she knows the reason she has stayed in London so long is to meet her and bring her back to church. The Spirit was so strong. We all just sat and hugged each other and cried. She ended up coming to church with us this Sunday. Ugh!! I love missionary work!!
Haha. So our investigator George wears a suit every time we meet with someone in our ward. We told him he doesn’t have to, but he doesn’t listen. So we met with him and the Bishop on Saturday. And before we walked in Sister Bodine said "I bet George is wearing a suit. If he’s wearing a suit then we get a McFlurry." Long story short, Sister Bodine and I got a McFlurry today. :)
Missionary work is the best. Many people won’t listen to you, they may run away, but no one can ever take away the truth from you. I know that this is the true and everlasting gospel, that Joseph Smith has restored Christ’s church back to its full, and that Christ is the Son of God and that He Lives.
I love you all so much!
Sister Gillins
P.S. (all I really want from people is hand written letters :) Every once in awhile. I LOVE THEM!

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