Monday, April 21, 2014

I'm Staying in London!

Transfers have come and Sister Bodine and I are staying in London! Woohoo!! 

This is Sister Bodines 5th transfer in London. She has been here since the start of her mission! Crazy huh?

Anyways.. It’s the end of the transfer so that means we have no food. All we eat is cereal, toast and multi-vitamins. Good thing we have such a loving ward that feeds us so much! :) As well as all the Easter candy y'all have sent to us.

We had exchanges this week.. and let me tell ya! They were amazing! I went with Sister Stats to Bramfort and it was so much fun! It is the best to be able to learn from other missionaries and see how you can teach the gospel. She is an amazing example in truly loving your investigators. You can tell that she has a love for everyone she meets. I am so glad I got to spend the day with her.


Can I just say how glad I am that the Spirit is the true teacher. Because I say some of the dumbest things that make no sense what so ever, but our investigator will be able to come out of the lesson with a stronger faith. It has taught me that no matter what you do, as long as it is Gods will and with the Spirit, everything will work out.

So Easter was wonderful! We were able to use the eggs Grandma sent us for a family we are teaching. They went crazy for the eggs. They didn’t even follow the list that I gave them. It was so fun to watch them.
We had our own Easter egg hunt. Well I did. Sister Bodine stole our presents and hid them from me. So I spent a good 10 minutes looking for our treats. But we had a blast.
That night we went to the Alders for Easter dinner. We love the Alders family. Sister Alders has us call her Oma (Grandma in German) We were able to eat as a family and talk about Easter :)

Haha so we had one of our investigators teach us a lesson the other day and when we went to meet him out side we saw that he made this sign. It ended up being a great lesson. He was so excited to be able to teach us.

One of the best things about missionary work is seeing the change in people. The Gospel can truly make our lives better; we just have to be willing to let it. I know that the commandments God has given us is not to stop us from having fun, but to keep us safe and to better our lives in the future.

Love you all,
Sister Gillins

Easter Egg Hunt with Grandma Glovers Eggs
George surprised us with a Lesson ;)

Sister Bodine Hid my Easter Treats

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