Monday, April 14, 2014

Let us "WAX" Strong

This week was AWESOME! We saw so many miracles! You wouldn’t believe it! The Lord truly blessed us this week.

So we had the challenge to get 15 member presents this week. Usually we only have about 15 lessons total for a week so we knew it would be a stretch. But not only did we get 15 member presents we also got 5 other lessons. We truly worked hard this week and we saw the blessings that came from it.
We had to drop some of our investigators this week. Sister Bodine and I really want people to progress. There are so many people interested in just learning about different religions but not willing to read or pray about it. So we have been working hard to find new investigators that will have a strong desire to change.
Something I love is that you can feel the Spirit anywhere. Sometimes we have lessons in coffee shops because that is where it is most convenient for our investigator to meet, and man is the Spirit so strong. You can tell that not only our investigator can feel the Spirit but so can the people in the shop because they all stare and try to listen.
So, Sister Bodine and I decided to wax our eyebrows one night.. I ended up on the ground with a need to change my pants. Sister Bodine makes me laugh like no other. But at the end of the night we ended up having beautifully shaped eye brows.
George got baptized everyone! Woohoo!! We are so happy and couldn’t be more proud. He has changed so much from the person he was. He used to smoke 3 packs a day and now he is smoke free. He is so excited to leave behind his old life and start his new one. We are so happy for him. We know how much this gospel will truly bless him in his life.
I have attached our awkward baptism pictures. And our Waxing night pictures. I was scared to tear the wax off! We love awkward pictures :)
I love knowing that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored. I love knowing the answers to my questions can be found in the Book of Mormon. It is the best when you can answer someone’s question by opening the book. I know how much this gospel can improve people’s lives.
Sister Gillins
Sister Bodine , George, Sister Gillins

HELP! I'm Scared! 

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