Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I feel like I have Leprosy

The city of London is known for its allergy season and I’m getting the worst of it! I have never had allergies in my life and I come here and WHAM! My eyes are red puffy and I have rashes all over my face.. It’s a little scary looking, but a good conversation starter!! People are willing to tell me their advice on what to do and in return I share with them the way to salvation.

The hardest part of teaching lessons is that our investigators LOVE to talk. So it takes us about 15 minutes for us to even start the lesson and then once we get started it’s so hard to keep them on topic. We asked someone how she could use "The Family: A proclamation to the world" to strengthen her family and she said… "What is the smallest cat you have seen survive?!" And then ran to her room and brought back a baby kitten. It was really fun trying to bring it back to families, but somehow we are always able to.

We are teaching this sweet family and every time we see their little boy, he runs up and gives us the biggest hug around the legs and then asks where his stickers are. (Thank you Gilbert family for sending me stickers!!) They are planning on getting married within the next week so she can be baptized soon!! :)

Our investigator Adam was baptized on Sunday! He is wonderful and so prepared!! He already knew so much about the gospel and would say "It just makes sense!" We only taught him for about 3 weeks! The Lord truly does prepare his people. We just need to open our eyes and share our message with them!

We were able to go out and tract yesterday. It was a clear and warm day. It was so nice to be able to go out and talk with people. We had a few shut the door on our face, tons of glares, and someone got really angry and told Sister Bodine and I that we were brain washed from the time we were born and that it’s ridiculous that we go and tell people about this. We just smiled and said "Have a good day!" :) We didn't end up getting any investigators from tracting yesterday, but we did plant seeds and that many more people where able to hear about the gospel!

This week we were also able to go with some girls in our ward to sing to an older lady who's husband just passed away 3 weeks ago. They are an amazing family. They do missionary work like crazy!! So, we decided to walk to her house and as we went they talked with people with us and helped us spread the Gospel! Such a fun experience. They will be great missionaries some day!! Isn’t my “Little Helper” friend adorable? I have a picture with her.

I love all of yous!!
Sister Gillins

(PS: I still love making ugly faces..:D)
My Adorable friends and "little helper"

Weird Faces are the best

"A New Life"

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