Monday, June 22, 2015

Pray about it!!

This week has been one of the best weeks we have had here with less-active and returning members! We have had so much fun and spiritual times with them!! We were able to drop by a less-active man and his family! We were able to get to know them and connect with his daughter that is our age. He loves having the missionaries over and his family is so kind to us! Their son brought us out popsicles!! Sooooo yummy! I pray that we will be able to go over and visit again and hopefully start teaching his children about the gospel!! Then we had lunch with another part member family! They are this really cute old couple. They have the best sense of humor ever!! They had us take out the garbage for them before we ate and when we came back the old woman told us that they had moved and that they were the new residence.. we were so confused for awhile.. then her husband yelled "just let them in!" :D 

This week there was almost a fight on the bus... it was pretty crazy! I was afraid it was going to get pretty nasty so I made Sister Robison sit by me.. it was sketchy! But all is well.. one of the guys girl friends made sure nothing happened. 

We met with the pastor again.. it was kinda difficult.. He had a hard time listening to us. He brought up Revelations 22:18-19.. So I brought out Deuteronomy 4:2. After that they didn’t argue with us on that subject but kept trying to tell us we were wrong about something.. I’m not sure what we were wrong about.. but something. So he told us to go home and pray about all of it. I committed him to do the same. So that night I went home and prayed and asked God if all of this is true and I had the feeling that it was!! yipee! I just know from the bottom of my heart that this is all true! I have had simple but marvelous conformations of that each day this week! It has been such a beautiful thing! I hope the pastor has done the same. I pray that he has read the Book of Mormon and prayed about it so that he can get an answer himself! 

A member brought her friend to church this week! He is awesome! He is from Haiti! Guess where our bishop served his mission... HAITI! They hit it off, talking in Creole and cracking jokes! It was awesome! He loved church and we were able to make him a new investigator! He is awesome!! He had some really good questions too! I can’t wait to actually sit down with him and teach him about the Restoration. 

Things are amazing here!! Maybe even if things aren’t going our way we are still so happy and working hard. We are both just glad this is The Lords work and not ours.. if it was ours.. we would be toast by now! 

Love you all!! 

Sister Gillins

Our shirt for our district an Elder made for us..
 we are all elves.. :) 

Random Picture on the bus I always stare at..

This plaque talks about the early saints here in Toronto!!
 cool beans!! 

This unicorn is at one of the recent converts homes..
 it stares us down during lessons! haha
I love it!

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