Monday, June 15, 2015

Fishy Fishy!

So I went to the Aquarium.. You can all be jealous because it was pretty dang cool!! :D Lots of fishies and sharks!! DUN DUN DUN! My favorite part was the jelly fishes though! They are just so majestic and cute! :D There were lots of weird things too! I got to touch something... I don't remember the name of it though.  It was hard and weird. But we got in for free! There is a member in the Mid Singles ward who hooked us up with some free tickets! So we are so grateful for that! It was an adventure to go down town too! Lots and lots of people and fun things to look at! :) We got to see the CN Tower! Maybe this transfer Sister Robison and I will go inside and see it! But we really want to go to China Town and Little Italy. 

Oh!! By the way Sister Robison and I are both staying here in Etobicoke North!! :D So happy! We have lots of work we still need to do here! :) 

We had this amazing experience with a less-active this week. Our Relief Society President sent out letters to all of the less active sisters in our ward. Some were sent back, so now we know those sisters have moved and most of them we haven't heard a reply until last Monday. A sister who has been on a do not contact list called the Relief Society President and told her how grateful she felt for getting a letter and that the church still remembers her. The president called us up and told us that she had set up a time to visit with her and would like us to go along! It was a beautiful experience! As we talked she opened up about everything. Her husband is very against Mormons and that is why she has been on a do not contact list. She has had a very hard life with having Lupus and having her leg amputated.. but yet she still knows God is looking out for her. She reads the scriptures everyday and prays. She asked us if we could reteach her the lessons and help her come back. It is amazing the results that come from working with the auxiliary leaders! I will cherish this moment for the rest of my life!! 

We also were able to teach a family! A missionary talked to this family a few weeks back on the Subway. We called and set up a time to meet with them. They just moved here from Pakistan. They are very Christian. All of their kids are named after prophets! The father is a pastor.. so we were really nervous to see what he would say or if the whole appointment would be him trying to convert us. But he and his family listened to what we had to say. They weren’t sure about a prophet, but said they will read the Book of Mormon and pray about it!! Pray that their hearts will open!! 

It’s been a great week and it will only get better!! Love you all!! 

-Sister Gillins 

CN Tower in Toronto
Sister Robinson and Me
Ripley's Aquarium - Canada!

Eating Pho with the Elders!
 Hmmmm...It was actually
pretty good..Yum!

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