Monday, June 30, 2014


I love missionary work!! It’s full of rejection, despair, heartache and trials. But I am truly the happiest I have ever been!!
Sometimes, I pretend people just don't hear me.. Because people don't care to listen to my testimony at all! We were teaching this lady Wednesday night. Everything was going really well. We were about the teach her about Joseph Smith and all the sudden, she started saying she doesn't like that there are things we have to do to get into Heaven and pushed the Book of Mormon across the table to us and told us to see ourselves to the door. I then started to testify to her that I know this Gospel is true and she put her hand up and told me to save it. I don’t understand why every time I try to testify, someone interrupts or they continually shoot me down. I was doing a good thing right? I was getting frustrated.
On Friday the same thing happened, we were having this great lesson and then it went downhill very fast and he started to get up to leave. I was like okay... I'll try bearing my testimony again... and guess what! He listened!! Tender mercies eh? He listened and smiled and said, "okay that makes sense, what else?" Woohoo!! It was awesome and strengthened my testimony that much more! :) He was worried about revelation and that we only listen to our priest and then….GUESS WHAT…. something Maddie Hollingsworth said came to my mind! That in our church we are allowed to ask questions, in fact we are encouraged to! That is how the gospel was restored, because a 14 year old boy asked a question. I was able to share that with him and continue to help him want to learn more. So thank you Maddie! :) SEE…our comments and thoughts and testimonies we share at church really do matter and help each other . We can plant seeds of remembrance and better understanding.

Have you ever met someone with out a belly button? I have :) People here love to show you their scars! Sometimes it gets a little scary according to where they are.. but hey! Any ways we are serving this old lady and she showed us that she doesn't have a belly button!! She’s like an alien or something :) She is awesome though! She didn't want us to teach or share a message with her but as we stayed and talked she asked us questions. It’s fun to see how Heavenly Father works :)

I hope everyone in the States has a great 4th of July!! Aw!! I miss family parties!! One of my favorite families in the ward is having us over for the fourth and we are going to have a BBQ and a fire and sparklers :)

Canada day is tomorrow it’s like their 4th of July.

Shout out to Elder Spencer Sharp! Yikes….
“Poor Spencer! That is so scary!! Hit by a car! Glad to hear nothing too serious happened. At least you get to add another story to your adventure!
I want to ride a bike so badly!! Maybe when I get into a smaller area I can :)

Love yous!

-Sister Gillins 
This is Crystal! She is our recent-convert.
 Kats sister-in-law. She is the best!

We were helping pull weeds for service, and then ALL THE SUDDEN..
 the person we were helping started to light them on fire! 

Our recent-convert sent us $72.56 worth of Chinese food!
(as we two girls sat there pigging out on all the food..we nervously thought...
"He must think we are piglets."... haha)

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