Monday, June 23, 2014


This week started off great! Zone Conference was amazing! I was able to learn so much and receive so much revelation!! President and Sister Scott are truly amazing people! President Scott talked with us about Light and Darkness. It is a subject he has been studying for over a year. He gave us many of his notes and scripture references and asked us to study and ponder the subject before we all met together at the conference. It was a spiritual feast.  I am so glad I have been able to serve with them! They will be returning home in the next few weeks. I am sad to see them go but I know President and Sister Clayton will be just as amazing!

Sister Wanlass and I are having a blast! We are working hard but have so much fun doing it! :) We have had the opportunity to serve many people. I know that serving people helps them feel loved. It helps break down that wall they have built up. Nothing is better than Christ like charity. We must love people like Christ loves them. If we didn’t, there would be no way that this work would move forward. We knock on doors but not as much.. we are working around names now. Like part-member families, formers, etc. Its a ward we serve, not a branch, but… only like 90 people come..including babies, and that is after sacrament. We need to help build the ward. I am giving a talk next Sunday…just pray that the talk I give next week will help strengthen the ward.

This week I have met the nicest drunks! HAHA! It is the World Cup so a lot of people go to the bar and watch it. They usually will stand there for a moment and listen to us and then say "I have had a few beers.. I don't totally understand you, can I have a card." Some of the nicest people I have met!! I just hope they will remember the card we gave them and actually look at the website…ya…

I am so excited to hear about everyones mission calls!! It makes my heart pound!! I know that this work is so important! Congrads McKay!! I know you will kill it in Honduras!! Better brush up on your Spanish ;) Karlie….I am excitingly WAITING! Wow…so happy! Missions are just training for the rest of your life!! It is amazing!


Sister Gillins 
The Book of Mormon, the key stone to our religion!  

at Zone Conference

"Hi its the Sister Missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.."

On our hike (yes I am wearing a fanny pack)

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