Monday, June 16, 2014

I've been Brainwashed ?!

We just had the craziest weekend ever!!
On Saturday we had a good lesson, everything went smoothly and we taught really well together. We got out of the lesson and that's when things got weird….
We went across the street to ask this lady if we could help her with her garden and she looked at us in our skirts and was like, "really? in your skirts?.. you don't want to ask that, because this black women will put you to work!"  Ha Ha…she was great. So, we had this long conversation with her about, well, …I don't even know what... But I remember her telling us we needed a sign that said "VIOLATION" and "STOP, DONT COME ANY CLOSER!"

Well, then this old man came up and was talking to her and gave her a hug and then looked at us and asked us what we do. We of course say we are missionaries! He was like, "Oh you are LDS. Your church believes in shunning don't you?" I have no clue what this man is talking about... so we say no. He goes on telling us that we shun people and he could never be a member of our church for that reason. Then, a girl from like 20 feet away yelled that she has been shunned. He went on to tell us that we have been brainwashed and we need to get out of this cult now while we had the chance. Whoa people, slow down… 

All we could do is try to bear our testimonies to him. But he ended up just walking away telling us we were crazy. After this fun moment in time, the woman with the garden was like..” Sisters, you are so strong I am sorry you had to go through that. When he comes back he will suffer the wrath of Robin!” So crazy…

Later that afternoon as we were walking along we stopped and talked to someone. While we were talking with him he told us that he was intoxicated about 5 times. But he wanted to learn more about the church! 

And, to end the Night… we knocked on a less-actives door, it ended up that she doesn't live there anymore but the person there was really nice! He gave us his tomato plants! He also told us that he doesn't have a name.. that he is just borrowing it. That none of us own names. Hmmm…Okay… He also taught us a lot about the law. And that he found Christ through studying law. Which was truly a cool story.

There is so many people in the world and we don't even get to meet like one millionth of them! It is so important for us to tell everyone we know about the gospel. Even if you are not a missionary. The gospel is part of your life. Share it with your friends, they do have the right to know.

Shout out to all the Daddies out there! Hope you had a wonderful fathers day!!
Shout out to Colten on his mission call! I am so excited for you!! Missions Rule!

Love ya's!

-Sister Gillins 

Sister Wanlass dropped her tweezers down the toilet
and had to go fishing!

Sister Perreira, the BEST WARD MISSIONARY EVER !!
She comes teaching with us like everyday!

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  1. I love the garden story! I work in my garden In my skirt! :) You are amazing Clarissa! People love you!!! What good things you are doing! Love, g. Ruesch