Monday, March 31, 2014

There is Springtime in my Soul!

It’s warming up here in Canada! To about 6 degrees Celsius! Woohoo! and that means there are more people out on the streets to talk to! Talking on the street is hard because half the people run away from you, like literally run. J But it is so fun because you meet so many different types of people and get to hear a little about their life. My favorite question to ask is, "how do you get through hard times?" and "do you believe in God?" It’s interesting to hear what people say. And how many people don’t know if they believe in God. It’s fun to watch their face when we ask them.
I stay really warm. I love my coat. And my boots. My coat is the best! Like.. I love it. Tell the Larsen’s Thank you for finding it..
I love my District and Zone. We are the best of all the best.  I love Sister Bodine. We laughed so much last night, we couldn’t stop.
There is a family in our ward from Italy. The cutest of cute! They have 8 children! I love them and want to be them! They are my role models.
I miss Frankie, (my stuffed frog). I wish I had him to sleep with. I sleep pretty well though,.. I don’t even use my fan!
I’ll probably just send home the camera SD card. We don’t take many pictures. But I will start to. It’s starting to get warm and we are knocking doors a lot, so there will probably be some fun things we can take pictures of :)

Sister Bodine and I have been working on recognizing the spirit more in our lives. It has been an amazing experience. It truly has helped us in our lessons. We were teaching a woman from Jamaica who was not interested at all, but still invited us over. We talked to her about the spirit. She couldn’t pick out points where she has felt the spirit, but by asking inspired questions we were able to help her see that the spirit has been in her life more than she recognized.  Then we got onto the topic of baptism and she said, "do I have to get baptized?" Sister Bodine and I both said "YES!" The spirit truly led that lesson and touched all of our hearts. The spirit is the most important thing in missionary work. The spirit is the true teacher, we are just there to present the information and share our testimonies.
We had to drop a lot of our investigators because none of them were keeping commitments. So we have a ton of time to find new investigators. Which is fun, but so scary. I just don’t like to bother people.. But this week I have seen how much it doesn’t matter. People need to know about this great message! And if you ask the right questions anyone could be interested. This message is truly for everyone. It’s for the old, the young, the dog lover, the cat lover, the smoker, the bank robber. This message can truly help everyone. I love the message that we share. I know that it is true.
Missions are truly the best. No matter if people yell at you, shut the door in your face, or just ignore you, you must try to share it.

Sister Gillins

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