Monday, March 24, 2014

Many are Called, Few are Frozen!

My second week in Canada? Well, it doesn’t feel like it. This feels like my home. I love Canada and the people here! But, ITS COLD!
It’s a mission miracle! I ate BEANS twice this week and it didn’t even faze me! Everything I eat tastes so good. There’s no way I could have done this before my mission.
Mission work keeps you busy and I love it. We have been meeting with some amazing people. We are meeting with a family who has three young boys. Mom, I feel so bad for you. Boys are crazy! So... boys. It is hard to teach while they are running around, but somehow the spirit is always there.
So, a few days ago Sister Bodine and I were teaching the Word of Wisdom to two investigators. As soon as we finished and asked if they would keep the Word of Wisdom, one got up, grabbed pepper and snorted about a teaspoon of it. He didn’t even sneeze! He calls it a miracle J

We also visited a less active. She has 4 dogs in her tiny apartment. She is old and can’t walk them outside anymore. So, she got a treadmill and She showed us how the dogs can walk and run while inside! It was funny.
Everyone has cats, everyone! And, I always smell like smoke. I am a second hand smoker.

We asked someone what they thought a prophet is, and he said, "to weep" and was dead serious.
We have had such amazing experiences though. Gxxx was having a hard time reading the Book of Mormon and staying up with his commitments. So, Sister Bodine and I told it to him straight. We told him with out reading, praying, and coming to church he would never know for himself if our message was true and he would not be able to be baptized. Ever since then, he has read and prayed everyday and hasn’t smoked and drank coffee. He is planning on being baptized this Saturday :)
I have also gotten better at speaking with people. I don’t dread walking up to doors anymore. I am able to start conversations and can commit people to church, pray and read and also baptism!  The Lord really can make weak things become strong.
We had a mission conference this weekend. It was amazing!!
We truly heard the word of God!!
Elder Bednar is the best. It was such a wonderful privilege to hear from him. He didn’t just speak TO us but communicated with us. He asked us questions and had us answer. The Spirit was truly so strong. At one point there was no sister in the room with dry eyes. The elders.. well, they are  Elders :)
There is so many amazing things you can learn from him. We learned so much about faith. Faith is not wishing for things. Faith is an action word and requires work. Also, that we need to get out of the way of missionary work and let the Spirit do its job.
It was also so wonderful to see everyone from the MTC again. We had an amazing district and they are all still doing so well.

Missions are worth it. I get to show people how to become truly happy. The Lord does prepare people and it is our job to go and find them. We must get out of the way, push our fears aside and help those people come unto Christ. I know this gospel is true. I love it so much. I am so glad I have this opportunity to share it with the world. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Sister Gillins

Sister Gillins with part of her MTC District
at the Mission Conference
  (insert from Mom...we are still waiting for pictures...she can't figure out how to download them..uhhh..this      picture came from another missionary...we are thankful for other missionaries :)

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