Monday, July 27, 2015

Last one, best one!

Last week for preparation day the zone leaders made it extra special! We got to pie them in the face!! The rest of the day they smelled like sour milk. It was great!! (:

For enrichment this month the Relief Society had a pool party.. no one got in the water though.. But that's okay! We got to know the sisters a lot better and connect with them. They are so much fun!! (:

We were able to meet with our returning member again this week!! It was a beautiful experience like always. She has such great faith and love for God. We taught her about tithing. She has a desire to pay it, but now she just needs to talk to her husband about it. But I know through her faith and prayers things will be able to work out! She was able to come out to church again this Sunday. I love being able to sit by her and share the sacred time of sacrament meeting with her. She has the sweetest soul. 

Thursday we got the greatest news!! The AP's called and told us they were giving us a car for the rest of the week!! (:  Miracle!! It was weird not taking the bus, but we got so much done!! What usually takes us an hour bus ride to get up to an area only took us 14 minutes to drive!! We were able to work around so many names!! We found some super sweet potentials while working around some less active members!! Cars truly are blessings! We were grateful to have it for a few short days. :) 

On Friday night one of the members had a farewell family home evening for me. It was so sweet of her. We had a ton of Filipino food. It was soooo good!! I am sure going to miss these people! They have the brightest spirit and always make you smile! We had a testimony meeting for the FHE activity. It was amazing to be able to hear everyone’s testimony and how the gospel has blessed their lives. I was grateful that they allowed me to bear my testimony to them about my mission and how it has changed me. I truly have been blessed to be in this amazing area! 

It has been a crazy great ride while I have been on my mission!! I have been able to see people recognize the Spirit and act upon promptings. I am so grateful I have been able to serve my Lord. I love every experience I have had. I can’t wait to share them with you when I get home.

See you soon!! 


Sister Gillins 

We're sooo awesome!!!

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